Learning To Take Advantage Of Analyst Upgrades – YUM! Brands Stock for May 16 2017

Yum! Brands StockBack in late February, YUM Brands turned out very strong quarterly results and the stock moved higher coming close to breaking through $70. But then activist investor Keith Meister resigned from the board of directors of Yum Brands Inc and the stock cratered.

Today’s Argus changed their rating to buy on YUM Brands Stock. When analysts upgrade their recommendations on stocks I trade in, I immediately take advantage.

This article looks at the trades done in YUM Brands today along with a second trade outlined as I take advantage of the upgrade notice from Argus.

This YUM! Brands Stock strategy article is for FullyInformed Members.

YUM! Brands Stock Learning To Take Advantage Of Analyst Upgrades


Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. Trade at your own risk. The author of FullyInformed.com accepts no liability for your investment decisions. Read the full disclaimer.

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