Investor Questions: Handling Non-Exercise Of A Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade

Covered Calls - Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade

The Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trade aims for small profits on a consistent and repeated basis.

It keeps capital in the market anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. This aids in keeping my capital safe from the volatility often associated with the stock market itself.

An investor asked some questions on how to handle a trade where the covered calls sold, are not exercised early and the investor ends up earning the dividend but still holding both the covered calls and stock. Often this is stock they do not want to own for any period of time no matter whether it is short or long.

With the goal to always keep bringing in profits, here are some answers for the investor as I look at handling 3 existing trades the investor has and how to approach setting up the repair to keep a profit still in the portfolio while returning the capital safely out of the stock market so it can be used again for another Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trade.

This Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Article is 2500 words and is for FullyInformed Members.

Covered Calls: Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade Ideas for Feb 6 2017


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