In Canada a lot of stocks have low volatility and often so does the Toronto Stock Exchange. Low volatility combined with the manner in which options are poorly handled by the Montreal Exchange which managed options on the TSX and you have a recipe for limited growth. Earning 5 or 6 percent in a year trading stocks in Canada is hardly worthwhile. Instead to combat the low volatility I apply a variety of strategies to assist in earning better than average returns. I aim for 12% annual returns in my Canadian portfolio. In the US it is easy to earn 12 percent in a year since not only is their market professional managed when it comes to options trading, but they have a multitude of stocks to choose from. In Canada the choice is far more limited. I stay with only stocks I would own and that means larger companies that have a chance to recover from everything from change in management to product disasters to recessions and bear markets. Research in Motion wiped out a lot of Canadian investors. So too did Nortel and how about Bre-X which wiped out $6 billion in people’s assets. The Canadian stock market is filled with disaster stories. But there are some excellent companies that are well worth trading within.

There are many strategies which can be used but for Canada they often need to be combined to boost returns beyond average gains. One of the better strategies for many Canadian Stocks is the Home On The Range Strategy.

This strategy article on trading Canadian stock and options is 4000 words in length and will require 13 pages if printed.

Understanding The Value Of The Home On The Range Strategy For Canadian Stocks

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