Home Depot Stock 2012 Trades (HD Stock)

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I started Put Selling against Home Depot Stock in November 2011. Since August 2011 Home Depot Stock had been in an uptrend. Home Depot Stock symbol is HD Stock. One of the strategies I use on rising stocks like Home Depot Stock is Put Selling Using Margin Only. This strategy is explained in the Members Section of my website. The strategy is a simple way to boost my overall monthly returns while using margin only. Margin can be a powerful addition to any investor’s portfolio. It can also be a cause for grief if an investor abuses it by over-extending their portfolio when they trade with too much margin. The Put Selling Using Margin Only Strategy requires me to select a stock that is in a long-term bull cycle and sell puts out of the money against that rising stock. I sell naked puts and buy them back often, to boost the entire portfolio.

This very simple method of using margin can increase my entire portfolio’s annual return by 3% if done properly.

This trade is in the Members Section only. Here are links which will assist investors in understanding this strategy.

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