Put Selling is a strategy of earning small returns against giving away the right to have someone assigned shares to you at a specified valuations. However you want to be sure to have those valuations at strikes which offer you the best return and the best chance to have the trade end profitably. To that end, finding support levels in a stock is essential, not just to know where to sell puts, but for all the other trade opportunities that it can provide. This article is from the FullyInformed Members Mentoring Tips category and it looks at BP Stock and how looking back 12 months can offer clues as to potential trades in the future. This article came from a question from an investor wondering about support levels in BP Stock. This method can be used for almost any stock and allows an investor to begin to see how to profit from not just Put Selling but from other potential trades as well. Put Selling is more than just selling put contracts and hoping it works out in your favor. Put Selling for consistent profits needs strategies that also work consistently.

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