Exxon Stock Trade Analysis For Aug 22 2013

In a number of articles I wrote last year on Exxon Stock and in the introduction to the Exxon Stock trades for 2013 which can be reviewed here I mentioned that in 2011 I was primarily Put Selling at and around the $75, $80 and $82.50 put levels in Exxon Stock. In 2012 the levels had changed to between $82.50 to $87.50 for Exxon Stock.

The trades from 2013 which can be reviewed here have been almost entirely at the $85 put strike. Even the trade on August 19 was at the $85.00 put strike.

Exxon Stock Trade Analysis

I have had great success with the $85 put strike primarily as there is a lot of support sitting at the $87.50 to $89.00 level within the stock. This has kept the $85 level away from assignment of shares. So far in 2013 each time the stock has fallen to the $85 level as you can see in the chart ……………. to read the rest of this strategy analysis of Exxon Stock, FullyInformed Members can login directly through this link or Members can sign in to the full members site here. Non-members can join here.