CSCO Stock Cisco – Trade Alert for Mar 14 2016 – What Is The Downside?

Cisco Stock which trades under the symbol CSCO is one stock that has never recovered from the bear market of 2007 to 2009.

CISCO Stock (CSCO): 20 Year Chart

Not only has the stock never recovered the 2007 highs, but it may never recover the highs seen during the dot com bubble frenzy when the stock was incredibly overvalued.

CSCO Stock commenced a dividend in March 2011 which was at 6 cents per quarter. That dividend has reached 26 cents marking a 333% gain in the dividend for investors. So while CISCO may not have been able to recover old stock highs, the dividend is a huge incentive for investors to focus on CSCO Stock.

CSCO Stock Cisco 20 year chart to Mar 14 2016

CSCO Stock Cisco 20 year chart to Mar 14 2016

CISCO Stock (CSCO) Dividend

The annual Cisco Stock dividend is now at $1.04 cents which, with the stock at $27.71 this morning, returns 3.76% for the year.

If CSCO Stock was bought today and the company never increased the dividend further, an annual dividend of $1.04 from Cisco would return $10.20 over the next 10 years, reducing the stock ownership cost to below $18.

Cisco Stock (CSCO) Outlook

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Cisco Stock (CSCO) Trade Alert – March 14 2016

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