Covered Calls: Second Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade Alerts for Dec 6 2017

Covered Calls - Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade

For the first week of December there are a number of stocks that will be trading ex-dividend. I outlined those trades in this article on the past weekend.

These trades are designed for very small profits as I want them to end up being just a day trade at most since I prefer not to be holding shares longer than a day. This often means the trades do not require any of my own capital, such as the trade done today.

Remember to use the strategy links below to learn the strategy and paper trade the strategy until the results are consistently profitable, before risking capital in these trades.

Covered Calls For Profits

Here is the second Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trade for Wed Dec 6 2017. This is one the larger volume trades I have done in quite a few weeks.

Strategy Links:

  • This article outlines the Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy and is a good starting place to understand this strategy.
  • This articles discusses techniques for Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trades that are not exercised or are partly exercised.
  • This article looks at how to learn the strategy through paper-trading it first.

This Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Article is for FullyInformed Members.

 Covered Calls: Second Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade Alerts for Dec 6 2017


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