While my Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Strategy has provided returns over 40% so far this year, many other investors have emailed that they would like an easier and in particular a more conservative strategy they could use on Apple Stock. While a more conservative Put Selling strategy will not provide the types of returns I have made to date, it should still provide anywhere from 24% to 28% annually which is also a stellar return from Apple Stock put selling.

The main draw for investors on Apple Stock is the put premiums which remain exceptional. Even today with Carl Icahn back promoting Apple Stock, the stock had a wide swing from a low of $514.41 to $521.67. This type of volatility makes for huge premium swings and plenty of profits without ever owning Apple stock. While other investors in Apple Stock sit holding stock waiting for the stock to recover to its previous highs, many other investors want to make big profits now. This strategy does just that.

The Put Selling strategy I have created is simple to implement, easy to follow and offers a much large safety net than my biweekly Put Selling strategy on Apple Stock.

Apple Stock Comfort and Conservative Put Selling Strategy

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