Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) Trades For 2014 Update – Jan 4 2015

I started trading Bank of Nova Scotia Stock in February of 2014. Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock trades under the symbol BNS both on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York. I trade BNS Stock only on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canadian Dollars.

In the last update, Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock comprised just under half of the capital in my Canadian Portfolio. That amount is now reduced to 31% of the portfolio. Still it is the largest holding in the portfolio and while the stock itself remains under pressure from investors, my trades are generating significant returns.

Since starting in February, returns are up 13%. All trades are now setup to protect the capital being used and yet profits continue to grow.

BNS Stock Trades To Consider Reviewing

There are 5 active trades ongoing in BNS Stock. They have all been adjusted and structured to earn the substantial dividend, generate more income and protect the capital being used. For members, the trades to review are December 5, September 24, September 12, September 2 and August 29.

Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock Decline

Since the summer months when the stock hit a new record high on July 31 of $74.93, BNS Stock has declined 12.6% as of Jan 2 2015. Part of the decline has been caused by investor concern over the Canadian Banks profit potential in general, as well as exposure to oil companies in Canada that will be affected by the decline in oil prices. Also the stock pulled back on the news in late 2014 that Bank of Nova Scotia would take a 500 million hit as a result of problems and layoffs at their Caribbean and Central America branches.

Accumulation has remained positive and steady but you can see in the chart that each decliune in the stock price has resulted in falling accumulation as investors remain more cautious with Bank of Nova Scotia versus the other big Canadian banks.

Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock has declined over 12% since the summer

Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock has declined over 12% since the summer

Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) Trades For 2014 Update

All active trades are highlighted in yellow and marked active.  To understand the trade table for active trades, if there have been roll-outs or roll-downs, running totals are in the final column, highlighted in yellow. The keys are shown in below. The most important aspect to follow with roll-outs and/or roll-downs is the income to date is shown with cost to roll-out of down being in brackets. The smallest figure and/or final figure is commissions paid to date for the Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock trades.

BNS Stock trade keys

BNS Stock trade keys

BNS Stock Income Growing But Focus Remains On Capital Reduction

The focus remains on reducing the capital in use but without taking any losses to close out positions.

2014 is now being closed off. Active trades will be moved to 2015 shortly and carried forward. I plan to continue to trade BNS stock throughout all of 2015.

Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock To Jan 3 2015

FullyInformed Canada Members can review the latest BNS Stock trades for 2014 directly through this link or they can sign in to the full Canada members site here. Non-members can join here or read about the benefits of being a member.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. Trade at your own risk. Stocks, options and investing are risky and can result in considerable losses. None of the strategies, stocks or information discussed and presented are financial or trading advice or recommendations. Everything presented and discussed are the author’s own trade ideas and opinions which the author may or may not enter into. The author assumes no liability for topics, ideas, errors, omissions, content and external links and trades done or not done. The author may or may not enter the trades mentioned. Some positions in mentioned stocks may already be held or are being adjusted.

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