Bank of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) – The Ultimate Stock

Investors who use various strategies to earn income from stocks are always looking for the Ultimate Stock. Investors are seeking stocks that can provide income while at the same time control risk of loss to their invested capital and they want a stock that is easy to implement strategies against. Not many stocks can meet that criteria, but Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) can. I have been trading within BNS Stock for decades but the past 3 years have shown how incredibly easy this stock has been for earning income through everything from Put Selling and Covered Calls to the Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade. With a tight trading range and good option premiums, all it takes is knowing the right strategies to apply and when to use them. Bank of Nova Scotia Stock fits the bill for the Ultimate Stock.

This type of stock is ideal for novice investors to build confidence while learning stock and option strategies. For the seasoned investor this type of stock allows them to earn income with little time commitment but with decent protection against surprises to the downside.

Bank of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) Strategy Article

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