Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Strategy Now Up 21%

With Apple Stock now up over $600 and closing at $614.00 on Friday May 24 it is obvious that the stock split has had the desired effect. The stock is up $51.00 as of Friday’s close from the day when the 7 to 1 stock split was announced. This is a gain of almost 10%, but the more important aspect is that Apple has regained a lot of enthusiasm and investor confidence. The stock has returned to just above $600 and the credit put spread strategy I have used is returning spectacular gains through using the scheduling strategy. To date the returns are 21% and are on track to challenge last year’s return of 50%. A lot though will depend on the stock movements and put premiums after the stock splits on June 2. I will update at that time.

Apple Stock 3 Month Daily Chart

The 3 month Apple Stock daily chart below shows the jump and the continual rise in the stock. It is trading well above the 3 longer term moving averages. (50, 100 and 200 day). Volume spiked at the outset and has since continued to remain slightly above average.

Since reaching $600, momentum has fallen off but still is positive.

Money Flow has been steady almost since the announcement of the stock split, keeping the stock heavily overbought. Obviously the stock news has created the desired results.

Apple Stock overbought

Apple Stock is overbought

Schedule Credit Put Strategy

The Schedule Credit Put Strategy is also having the desired effects as I have been profiting well against this rising stock. The schedule strategy is an excellent means to stay in a credit spread, either put or call, and control the amount of income being earned. I have received a number of emails asking me for further clarification of the schedule strategy as it pertains to Apple Stock. I thought to do this I would look at the latest Apple Stock trade.

Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Strategy Update

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