5 Trade Ideas On The Watch List for Thu May 17 2018

5 trade ideas for tomorrow's watch list

For Thu May 17 2018, there are 5 trade ideas on the watch list.

Remember that these trades are being outlined after the market closed on Wednesday and I may be referencing prices or option strikes that will change when markets start to trade.

Despite this the outlines are still practical and trades can still be setup to meet the requirements of the original concept behind the trade.

Remember, in a market correction it is always best to stay in your comfort zone. If that means not trading, there is nothing wrong with that. It too is a trading strategy. As well consider reducing the size of positions or select just one or two trades that interest you the most rather than try to setup all 7 trades.

This trade ideas article is for FullyInformed members.

5 Trade Ideas On Tomorrow’s Watch List for May 17 2018

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