4 Weekly Wanderer Strategy Trade Ideas For The 4th Week October 2017

trading weekly options with the weekly wanderer strategy

One strategy that has performed well for my portfolio in both bull and bear periods is the Weekly Wanderer Strategy.

Here are the stocks I am following this week using the Weekly Wanderer Strategy.

Members can learn the strategy through the provided links in the article.

This is a simple strategy to apply and to understand but it uses a complex formula to derive both put and call options to sell in a stock.

Stocks can be moving up, down or sideways and still this strategy often works well.

Here are the Weekly Wanderer Strategy trade ideas for this week which investors may want to review and consider for their own needs.

This article outlines how the Weekly Wanderer Strategy works. It is a good place to start, for investors who are unfamiliar with this strategy. It is an easy strategy to use and can result in significant profits.

This trade article is for FullyInformed members.

4 Weekly Wanderer Strategy Trade Ideas For The 4th Week October 2017

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