14.8% Gain on Market Direction Portfolio and Why Pennies Strategy Helps

With the market direction continuing to confound and stocks becoming choppier, the market direction portfolio in just two months is already up 14.7%. At this rate there is a good chance for the market direction portfolio to return better than 50% by the end of what looks like a difficult year.

The key to the market direction portfolio has been confidence in entering a trade based on the outlook, despite knowing the market direction could shift at any time. The second key has been timely use of the stop-loss to protect positions in a very choppy market. To assist in timing entry into the portfolio I have tried a variety of strategies but overall using the technical tools from the Trading For Pennies Strategy has worked the best. This is probably because these tools are designed for choppy volatile trading.

Strategy Article on Market Direction Portfolio Trades

This is a strategy discussion article explaining today’s trade and the use of the Trading For Pennies Strategy when entering the market direction portfolio. The Ultra ETFs are a wonderful vehicle for profiting but they can also lead to larger than normal losses. This strategy discussion is for FullyInformed Members who follow the Market Direction Portfolio. FullyInformed Members can can login directly through this link to read or Members can sign in to the full members site here. Non-members can join here or read the benefits of being a member.

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