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TSX Market Direction Outlook For July 25 2014

The outlook for stocks on Thursday was for the Toronto Stock Exchange to continue its advance. For much of the day the TSX followed through and continued to push higher. But as the afternoon wore on investors moved to the sidelines and stocks close up just marginally with the TSX up just 7 cents. A large part of the problem is the strong overbought environment the Toronto Stock Exchange is now trading in. The rest of this article is for members only. TSX Market Direction Outlook for July 24 2014 FullyInformed Canada Members / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For July 25 2014 - Weak and Slightly Lower

The market direction outlook for Thursday was for stocks to open weak but close positive. I was not expecting much movement in the index for Thursday. The day started off well enough with the Weekly Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims coming in at the lowest level since 2006. Earnings also came in strong which you can read about in my morning comments from earlier today. Market Direction S&P Intraday Chart July 24 2014 The one minute intraday chart below shows the day’s activity. I had felt that the weakness stocks saw on Wednesday into / Read More

Profiting From The YUM Stock Decline  - Confidence Is Key

The decline in YUM Stock continues today and yet I am busy entering a number of trades and look forward to more profits. To earn above average returns in investing, confidence in the companies I investing in is key. That means looking at various events, both up, down and sideways for opportunities and using fundamentals and technical tools available to pinpoint when a trade should be entered and when to stay clear. This is a strategy discussion article that looks at my trades today in YUM Stock. It is included in the “Become / Read More

Market Direction Morning Comments for July 24 2014 - Aiming for 2000

The information released this morning from the Weekly Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims certainly points to strength once again in the employment category. The claims fell to 284,000 from 303,000 last week. The latest Weekly Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims reports have been showing numbers that reflect the market conditions prior to the stock market collapse of 2008 to 2009. Today’s numbers are now the lowest since 2006, two years before the bear market got underway. Problem With The Numbers The problem is analysts are back bashing the numbers citing smaller auto plant shutdowns this / Read More

YUM Stock (YUM) Upcoming Trade Alert for July 24 2014

YUM Stock continues to be under pressure and I can see a number of exceptional opportunities building.  I am preparing 3 new trades in YUM Stock today. This is an upcoming trade alert for YUM Stock. YUM Stock trades under the symbol YUM and has been a mainstay stock within my USA Portfolio since the market collapse in 2009. I have earned double-digit annual returns from what has been a stellar performer and I am expecting further gains in this stock. To review the performance to date in YUM Stock investors can select / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For July 24 2014

The outlook for stocks on Wednesday was for the Toronto Stock Exchange to continue its advance. Indeed the TSX did follow the market direction outlook and moved higher. Part of the reason for the continued advance today came from BCE Stock as well as news that there may be a takeover bid for Talisman Energy. Talisman Energy (TLM) Stock Chart Talisman Energy stock which trades under the symbol TLM, saw its average daily volume of 1.4 millions shares jump to 17.8 million shares which resulted in a 13.25% rise in the stock on / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For July 24 2014 - Lower Open But Positive Close

The market direction outlook for Wednesday was for stocks to start weak and then push to a higher close. While both the S&P and the NASDAQ followed this outlook, the Dow was held back, particularly by Boeing Stock, Caterpillar stock and United Technologies Stock. Meanwhile Apple stock rose dramatically on their latest earnings and revenue and volume picked up substantially as the stock appears ready to break to $100.00. The Ukrainian crisis remains on the minds of investors as two Ukrainian fighter jets were downed today by pro-Russian rebels. Investors hope that the / Read More

McDonalds Stock (MCD) Plunge - No Reason To Rush - July 23 2014

This is a FullyInformed USA Members McDonalds Stock Trade Alert and discussion. McDonalds Stock trading symbol is MCD. The selling continues today in the stock and there are signs advising investors that there is no reason to rush into setting up trades if you are risk averse. McDonalds Stock this morning broke through the $95.00 support level, briefly before moving back up. The stock shows few of the signs of a solid rally back up at this point. While I have entered into trades today, many investors will want to consider the risk / Read More

Trade Alert - Market Direction Portfolio for  July 23 2014

The market direction portfolio continues to do exceptionally well with an overall return now at 52.8%. All of this is due to using the Ultra 3X ETFs and tight stop-losses. . During the entire year to date I have never needed margin and have never come close to using the whole of my capital set aside for the Market Direction Portfolio. This shows how exceptional trading can be when using the Ultra ETFs properly. Here are today’s trades for members. Market Direction Portfolio Trade Alert for July 23 2014 FullyInformed USA Members can / Read More

Trade Alert - Coca Cola Stock (KO) Earnings Disappointment July 23 2014

Coca Cola Stock has been in my portfolio for decades. It is one of the few stocks that continually has a trade available. The earnings disappointment from yesterday (July 22) has spilled over into selling today (July 23) setting the stock up for more trading possibilities. Coca Cola Stock Earnings Disappointment Coca Cola Stock reported $12.6 billion in second quarter revenue which was a decline of 1% from the same period last year. Overall revenue is down 3% for the first half of 2014 with income of $2.6 billion which is also a / Read More

5 Trade Ideas and Investing Strategy Notes Before The Markets Open for July 23 2014

Here are my investing strategy notes before the markets open on July 23. My investing strategy notes for Wednesday look at a variety of issues along with why I think stocks will hold higher for most of this week. That should set up these 5 trade ideas, all of which I think are well situated for strong profits. Before The Open – Investing Strategy Notes For July 23 2014 FullyInformed USA Members can can login directly through this link to read the investing strategy notes and trade ideas before markets open for July / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For July 23 2014 - Weak Start - Higher Close

The market direction outlook for Tuesday was for stocks to remain weak with a bias to move lower. Instead with Ukrainian rebels handing over the black box from the downed Malaysian Passenger Airliner, investors looked at the action as a probable de-escalation of the Ukrainian crisis and turned their attention back to buying stocks. Statistics released on Tuesday showed the consumer price index (CPI) moved higher by just 0.3 percent in June, well in line with Federal Reserve noted guidelines and possibly assisting the Fed in keeping interest rates lower for longer still. / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For July 23 2014

The outlook for stocks on Tuesday was for the Toronto Stock Exchange to continue to climb higher. The TSX followed through and closed at yet another all-time high. As members recall, the 10 day chart I have been analyzing showed that the TSX needed to move to another new all-time high to confirm a move higher still for the Toronto Stock Exchange. Stocks provided that follow through on Tuesday. Canadian National Railway (CNR) CNR stock helped with today’s rise and better than expected earnings pushed the stock to close up $1.44 to $74.39. / Read More

Aflac Stock (AFL) Trade Alert for July 22 2014

Aflac Stock in 2013 returned 33% for my portfolio. Aflac Stock trades on New York under the symbol AFL. The trades done today are adjustments to existing trades to reduce risk to capital and to lock in some profits. Today’s trades also reduce the amount of capital in use within Aflac Stock. It allows me to place the available capital into other trades for additional income. Aflac Stock Trade Alert FullyInformed USA Members can access this Aflac Stock Trade Alert through this link or USA Members can sign in here. Non-members can join / Read More

Aflac Stock (AFL) Trades For 2014 Update - July 22 2014

Aflac Stock has been in my portfolio for two years and continues to provide income and profits while at the same time a decent level of protection. One of the key aspects of trading within Aflac Stock that I have enjoyed is a strong chart pattern which lends itself to good trading potential while limiting risk to my capital in use. Aflac is trading at just 9.86 price to earnings which is low when compared to the industry average of 17.01. In general investors are wary of Aflac Stock. Earnings per shares to / Read More

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