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Exxon Mobil Stock (XOM) Trade Ideas for Nov 27 2014

The collapse of oil through $70.00 a barrel on Thursday follows the decision by OPEC to basically, do nothing really. Almost all OPEC countries need the revenues that oil generates for their economies. Tightening the amount of oil flowing might mean higher prices per barrel but also will mean less total revenue numbers. In my opinion none of the OPEC countries can afford to reduce oil output. I am working on a number of trade ideas in a variety of stocks for Friday. Exxon Mobil is the first stock I am looking at / Read More

All About Oil - TSX Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes For Nov 27 2014

Here are the afternoon investing strategy notes for the Toronto Stock Exchange for November 27 2014. I have repeated many times that I believe the price of oil will easily fall to $65. Right now it looks like it could actually fall lower. With the Canadian dollar declining and the TSX index pulling back, here is my outlook and what I am planning for early next week. This TSX afternoon investing strategy notes is for FullyInformed Canada Members. TSX Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes for Nov 27 2014 FullyInformed Canada Members can login directly / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For Nov 27 2014

On Monday the TSX pulled back but on Tuesday it rose but failed to recover all of Monday’s loss. Today’s drop has placed the TSX back to where the market was last Thursday. The sideways action in Toronto is primarily being caused by the US dollar which is still pressuring commodity prices and energy in particular. This continues to plague the Toronto Stock Exchange. Still, all things considered, the majority of Toronto Stocks are holding up well. Today’s market action also impacted the market direction portfolio. The rest of this TSX market direction / Read More

Deere and Company Stock (DE) Trade Alert for Nov 26 2014

I have followed Deere and Company Stock for many years but this year has been particularly kind with a wider number of trades and better volatility for option premiums. This is the latest trade done in Deere and Company Stock. It trades under the symbol DE. There were a total of 3 trades this morning. This trade alert is for FullyInformed USA Members Deere and Company Stock Trade Alert FullyInformed USA Members can access this Deere and Company Stock Trade Alert through this link or USA Members can sign in here. Non-members can / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For Nov 26 2014

The sell-off on Monday did not break the trend for the TSX.  The outlook for Tuesday was for stocks to move higher and they did by 58 points but stocks failed to recover all of Monday’s loss. Retails sales rose by 0.8 percent in September led once again by auto sales. Auto sales have remained strong for months. The Canadian dollar finally move up by 0.29 of a cent to 88.87 cents US. A prediction by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development forecast the Canada’s inflation rate by Spring 2015 will be / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Nov 26 2014 - One Day To Thanksgiving

The outlook for Tuesday Nov 25 2014 was for stocks to continue their advance even if only modestly. Stocks though continued their see-saw sideways movement as investors are obviously becoming preoccupied with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and shortened day for Friday when exchanges close at 1:00 PM. A GDP number was released today which at 3.9% beat analysts estimates. But it was still lower than the second quarter GDP of 4.2% and much of the better number for the third quarter was a result of the auto industry. SPX Intraday Market / Read More

Alibaba Stock Trades for 2014 Update - Nov 25 2014

Alibaba Stock is a speculative trade using a new strategy to time entry and exit positions. The concept of the trade is short time periods to keep capital exposed for only short periods of time of usually less than two weeks. The strategy focuses heavily on protection but done properly I would expect income to reach well beyond 40% for the year. This strategy is new for Alibaba Stock so there is no prior evidence to support the profitability or suitability of the strategy being used. This is a highly speculative stock with / Read More

Trade Alert and Strategy Discussion – Royal Bank of Canada Stock (RY) for Nov 25 2014

Royal Bank of Canada is one of those stocks I feel I can trade within my portfolio and know that even if the trade fails, the stock is still a winner. This stock has been a core holding in my account for decades. It is a stock I believe strongly in and one I think cannot hurt my portfolio. Royal Bank Of Canada Stock Is Not The Biggest Gainer But… While perhaps not the biggest gainer in a year for my portfolio, this latest trade if I could repeat it monthly, could bring / Read More

Market Direction Portfolio Trades Update for Nov 25 2014

Here is the latest update in the market direction portfolio to November 25 2014. Please go to the most recent trade which started on October 23. This trade is now up 21 percent. The entire portfolio is now up over 70% and by the year-end I believe with the returns from the latest trade the portfolio will be up 90%. This is far beyond my expectations for this trade.  Since the start of 2014, the Dow Index is up 8.6% while the Market Direction Portfolio is up 9 times that. This shows the / Read More

Trade Ideas - Setting Up The Next Bristol-Myers Squibb Stock Trade - Nov 25 2014

Bristol-Myers Squibb Stock tends to be a plodding type of stock. It has moves once in a while and then changes back to a sideways pattern until the next move. This year has been fairly smooth sailing in BMY Stock for my portfolio. Returns have not been overly high but definitely steady and that’s what builds the base every year in my portfolio. It is always nice having those stocks you can count on not to ruin your portfolio. Here are the latest trade ideas in Bristol-Myers Squibb Stock which trades under the / Read More

 What The Latest GDP Is Advising Investors – Quick Comments for Nov 25 2014

This morning’s GDP numbers surprised analysts, but behind the numbers there is a lot to like for investors and as always lots to be aware of going into the new year. This quick comment is for USA Members and discusses today’s GDP number, what it is telling investors, the outlook for the dollar, international companies, and three trade ideas. Quick Comment – GDP – Nov 25 2014 FullyInformed USA Members can login directly through this link to read the latest Quick Comment or Members can sign in to the USA members site here. / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For Nov 25 2014

The outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Monday was for stocks to continue higher but there was the possibility of some selling. I did not expect there to be much of a move lower so the drop by over 100 points during the day was a bit of surprise until you knew it was caused by a downgrade on dozens of resource stocks by Raymond James brokerage. Raymond James is a boutique type brokerage that prides itself on extensive research. Their downgrade on particularly metals and mining stocks really caught investors by / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Nov 25 2014 - Modestly Higher

The outlook for Monday Nov 24 2014 was for stocks to move higher.  This happened although much of the day was more a see-saw than up. Still the close tells all as the close was a new record close for the S&P and Dow. However neither index managed to close above the intraday highs they had set on Friday. SPX Intraday Market Direction for Nov 24 2014 Looking at the one minute chart from Monday Nov 24 2014 the rally at the open actually set the high for the day. From there sellers / Read More

What The Weekly Wanderer Is Saying About Clorox Stock - Nov 24 2014

Here is my latest trade in Clorox Stock along with a full analysis and three other trade ideas.  Here is what the Weekly Wanderer Strategy is advising regarding Clorox Stock for the next couple of weeks and here is what I did after reviewing the outlook for the stock. I have enjoyed substantial returns from Clorox Stock all year. This just adds to the year-end income as stocks head into December. Trade Alert and Analysis for Clorox Stock To read the Clorox Stock trade alert and analysis FullyInformed USA Members can login directly / Read More

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