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I believe people spend more time investigating what car to buy than taking care of their personal finances. 35 years ago I decided to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed. I built this site to share my strategies and investments. To understand my strategies Continue Reading >>
Intel Stock Plunge Creates Another Profit Making Opportunity - Oct 30 2014

Intel stock has been in my online portfolio since 2010.  Returns have been simply terrific through a combination of Put Selling and a handful of Bollinger Bands Strategy Trades. I have made so much income from Intel Stock that I am no longer using my own capital for my trades. I am basically using capital I have made from selling options in Intel Stock since 2010. The plunge in the stock today has set up another trade opportunity this afternoon. The key to consistently earning profits in Intel Stock has always been following / Read More

VISA Stock (V) Earnings Propel Stock – More Profits Lie Ahead – Oct 30 2014

This morning before the market’s opened I discussed Visa Stock in the investing strategy notes before the markets opened. I had hoped to be selling the Nov 22 $200 put strike this morning. Instead Visa Stock roared higher by almost 10% pushing back toward its all-time high. Visa climbed as it reported earnings for its 4th quarter that were well ahead of estimates. The earned $1.1 billion which was down 10% from the same quarter last year, but excluding one-time items, net income rose 14% over year-ago levels to $1.4 billion which is / Read More

Suncor Energy Stock (SU) Trades For 2014 Update - Oct 30 2014

Suncor Energy Stock entered my Canadian portfolio for the first time in June of 2014. Suncor Stock trades on both the TSX and New York. Suncor Stock trades are being done on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canadian dollars. This stock also trades on New York but the spread of the options is too wide in my opinion for consistently profitable trades. I prefer to trade this company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The earnings came out yesterday and certainly disappointed. The shares I recently purchased are sold today but I am still / Read More

Investing Strategy Notes and 3 Trade Ideas Before The Markets Open for Oct 30 2014

Here are my investing strategy notes before the markets open on October 30 2014. The Federal Reserve report dominated stocks on Wednesday and kept much from happening, either up or down. With the Federal Reserve minutes finished, we could begin to see volatility move back up. My investing strategy notes cover a variety of investing topics and trade ideas for Thursday. As well I discuss 3 trade ideas I am contemplatin entering on Thursday. This article is for USA members. Before The Open – Investing Strategy Notes and 12 Trade Ideas For Oct / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Oct 30 2014 - Still Above The 50 Day

The market direction outlook for Wednesday was for stocks to show some signs of being overbought. I felt they might try to retest the 50 day SMA but they should be higher by the close. This was not the case although selling was for the most part fairly controlled and without any kind of panic. The day was dominated by the Fed news. Let’s take a look at today’s action. SPX Market Direction Intraday for Oct 29 2014 You can see in the one minute intraday chart for the SPX below, that stocks / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook and Trade Ideas For Oct 30 2014

The technical outlook for Wednesday for the Toronto Stock Exchange was for stocks to remain weak and even possibly retest the 200 day moving avrage but in the end to close further above the 200 day moving average. Needless to say, this did not happen. The Federal Reserve minutes pressured the TSX as the US dollar commenced a rally sending rsource stocks lower. Let’s take a look at the intraday action first. TSX Intraday One Minute Chart The TSX opened the day already under pressure but managed to hold for about half an / Read More

Planning Optimizes Profits – Trade Alert and Strategy Discussion – Royal Bank of Canada Stock (RY) for Oct 29 2014

Royal Bank of Canada is one of those stocks I feel I can trade within my portfolio and know that even if the trade fails, the stock is still a winner. With a rising dividend yield on its stock, this exceptionally well-managed bank stands out among banking stocks around the world. I have traded with Royal Bank of Canada Stock for 4 decades. I cannot remember a trade in the stock that I did not like. Even when the stock plunged during a trade and left me assigned when I had hoped not / Read More

Trade Alert and Strategy Update - Cisco Stock (CSCO) - Oct 29 2014

The last trade in Cisco Stock was on October 21 the day the day after it plunged below $23.00 for the first time since May 2014.  I like Cisco Stock and with earnings expected to be relatively unchanged from the same quarter last year, I think the stock is fairly valued at my put strike points and I would own it if assigned. Earnings are released November 12. This trade adds to the trade down on October 21 and sets up the position in what I think is a decent entry point if / Read More

TSX Market Direction Portfolio Trade Alert - Oct 29 2014

This is a trade alert for the Toronto Stock Exchange Market Direction Portfolio done this afternoon, October 29 2014, as discussed in last night’s TSX market direction outlook . This article discusses the outlook for the TSX and the stop-loss currently in use. The rest of this article is for Canada members. TSX Market Direction Portfolio Trade Alert FullyInformed Canada Members can can login directly through this link to read the latest TSX Market Direction Portfolio trade alert and discussion or Members can sign in to the full Canada members site here. Investors / Read More

Investing Strategy Notes and 12 Trade Ideas Before The Markets Open for Oct 29 2014

Here are my investing strategy notes before the markets open on October 29 2014. With stocks now heavily overbought and stocks on the SPX back above the 50 day simple moving average (SMA) there are a number of strategies to discuss as I prepare to move into November and late fall. As well here are 12 trade ideas I am attempting to enter on Wednesday or Thursday. Some of the trades I already have offers in on hoping to get filled this morning near the open. This article is for USA members. Before / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Oct 29 2014 - Above The 50 Day

The market direction outlook for Tuesday was for stocks to move above the 50 day simple moving average (SMA). It has become customary for the past several years for investors to head into stocks and push them higher in the day or two prior to the Fed meetings. We saw this just last month and again this is occurring now. Stocks are an incredibly emotional investment for most investors. When buyers step into the market and pick up stocks, other investors are watching and they become drawn in as well. As the market / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook and Trade Ideas For Oct 29 2014

The technical outlook for Tuesday for the Toronto Stock Exchange was for stocks to remain weak but to attempt once more to retake the 200 day moving average. For the first day in a while, commodities rose as the US dollar weakened slightly. This was all it took to get investors back interested in Canadian stocks again. Finally, stocks have broken above the 200 day exponential moving average (EMA). Let’s take a look at today to see where we will head tomorrow. Here is the market direction for the TSX for October 29 / Read More

Twitter Stock Plunge and The Weekly Wanderer Strategy - Oct 27 2014

The Weekly Wanderer Strategy is designed for those trades where the investor is just interested in selling weekly options. I thought it would be interesting to see what the strategy is telling investors or had told investors prior to the drop today in Twitter Stock and if investors could consider the strategy for further trades today or tomorrow.. One of the important aspects of using the strategy is following the signals from the Fast Stochastic. Let’s take a look. Trading Weekly Options with the Weekly Wanderer Strategy Weekly option trading has distinct advantages. / Read More

Twitter Stock (TWTR) Outlook For Trading Profits After The Plunge - Oct 27 2014

Twitter stock is down over 14% to start the day off following disappointing subscriber numbers that basically show stagnant growth among people using Twitter. The company met earnings estimates but are definitely showing signs they are not able to grow their business. This once more goes back to my previous articles on Joy Of The Big Cap Stock in which I discussed the importance of trading within stocks that have diversified revenue streams. Twitter at this point does not have a strong practical business model and personally I rarely have traded the stock. / Read More

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