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TSX Market Direction Outlook For August 28 2014

The outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Wednesday was for stocks to move sideways with a mixed bias. After two days of rallying with the Burger King – Tim Horton’s combo Toronto was ready for a rest and it took it today. Bank Stocks continued to do well today aside from Bank of Nova Scotia Stock which took a downgrade hit during the day from TD Securities which removed it from their buy list and indicated the stock was designated underperform, basically meaning “sell it”. National Bank of Canada which investors sold / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Aug 28 2014 - Down Bias

The market direction outlook for Wednesday was for weakness and another failed effort to move above 2000 which is what happened today. A lot of the pressure is being brought from profit-taking which continued today although the utility sector which has been hit a number of times was back being picked up again today. XLU ETF If we look at the XLU ETF we can see that after running back up from the drop earlier this month, the utilities sector has turned sideways. Yesterday utilities sold lower but today the Congressional Budget Office / Read More

5 Trade Ideas For The End Of August 2014 on the TSX

As the Toronto Stock Exchange continues to search for support at all-time highs, the increase in volatility is opening up some new trades in all areas from covered calls and naked puts to Credit Put Spreads. These stocks are Canadian companies that trade on the TSX. Some of these companies also trade on the American exchanges but I trade these only in Canadian dollars on the TSX. Five Trade Ideas For the end of August 2014 on the TSX To read the 5 Trade Ideas for the end of August 2014, FullyInformed Canada / Read More

10 Trade Ideas To End The Last Week of August 2014

I believe stocks will start to have a bit of weakness develop as we head into the close of the last week of August. Here are ten trade ideas I am considering for the last three days of the week. With the long weekend ahead I think some investors will not want to hold a lot of positions as we start into September. This could make the trades even better. I have offers in on 5 of these trades this morning before markets open. I have marked those trades with my offers and / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For August 27 2014

The outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Tuesday Aug 26 was for stocks to continue to move higher in part due to more bank earnings. In the end, Toronto set another new all-time high and closed up 20.47 points but was higher during the morning. I had thought the financials might boost Toronto stocks further on Tuesday. Both Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock and Bank of Montreal stock reported decent earnings but not as strong as Royal Bank Of Canada Stock had earlier. Most financial stocks moved lower during the day which / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Aug 27 2014 - Profit-Taking Pressure

The market direction outlook for Tuesday was for stocks to continue their advance despite some pressure being brought to bear from profit taking. One of the more interesting figures today came from durable goods orders which jumped 22.6 percent. However when you strip out orders to aircraft company Boeing, durable goods orders actually declined 0.8 percent. While not too many investors took note of this and while it could be a one-time occurrence it does bear watching. Let’s look at the SPX intraday in the one minute chart to see the action today / Read More

Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes and Trades For August 26 2014

The S&P is managing to hold the 2000 level for much of today. There are though signs of the market being under profit-taking pressure. This is starting to open up further trade opportunities. These are my afternoon strategy notes for August 26 2014. This article is for FullyInformed USA Members. Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes For Aug 26 2014 FullyInformed USA Members can can login directly through this link to read the afternoon investing strategy notes for Aug 26 2014 or they can sign in to the full USA members site here. Non-members can / Read More

Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) Trade Alert for Aug 26 2014 - Weakness Provides Profits

The earnings this morning from Bank of Nova Scotia were quite good. Bank of Nova Scotia raised its dividend another 2 cents per quarter or 3.1% as it reported decent returns although investors may want to look at a number of key areas for future growth potential. A big portion of the gain was from the sale of its stake in CI Financial Corp. The sale of CI Financial generated a $555 million gain or added 45 cents per share. BNS reported a profit of $2.35 billion, or $1.85 per diluted share, for / Read More

Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) Trades For 2014 Update - 31% Return to Aug 26 2014

Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock is traded continuously in my Canadian Portfolio. It is the only Canadian Banking stock with exposure globally outside of the United States. While the domestic base makes BNS Stock a strong stock for trading, the bank overall is exceptional for my methods of investing. Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock trades on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York. My trades are being done on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canadian Dollars. The earnings today while good, disappointed in a number of key areas which has the stock / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Aug 26 2014 - Abbreviated

The market direction outlook for Monday was for both the SPX and the TSX to continue higher. Tonight’s market direction review is abbreviated as I spent much of the evening finishing an article looking at the steps to building and protecting a portfolio. The article is over 5100 words and is 16 pages in length. It includes detailed information on stock trades which I updated after the close this evening. Unfortunately it took longer than expected so the market direction outlook will be abbreviated. I will however be reviewing the markets intraday tomorrow. / Read More

Steps To Building and Protecting a Portfolio - Investor Questions

A recent question from an investor touched upon a number of aspects of building a portfolio and protecting it from losses. This is a very lengthy article at 5100 words. It will require 16 pages if printed. It is broken into 4 parts. This investor had traded and earned $10,000 when a correction caught him unprepared and wiped out the $10,000 gain. His questions touch upon the issues of the importance of setting goals, reaching those goals and how to preserve capital. Let’s look at his questions and then view some answers. My / Read More

Trade Alert - Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Strategy - Aug 25 2014

Over the past few weeks I have detailed out the Credit Put Spreads trades I have been implementing in Apple Stock. The latest outline was on the weekend which I explained in the 12 Trade Ideas For The Last Week of August 2014 article. With my Credit Put Spreads expiring on Friday, this afternoon I started yet another round of Credit Put Spreads to keep the Biweekly Put Selling Strategy churning out profits. Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Trade for Aug 25 2014 This article is a trade alert and strategy discussion of / Read More

Market Direction Intraday Comments for Aug 25 2014 - Breaking 2000

Largely on the back of merger talk between Tim Horton’s and Burger King and a rise in European Stocks, there was enough momentum in stocks to push the SPX up over 2000 today. While largely ceremonial, these big round numbers hold emotional connections for investors. I would expect some sideways action as investors struggle through resistance at 2000. Often these types of numbers bring out sellers. The Dow continues to struggle at 17000. just as it did at 16000 and 15000. While technically not of much significance for the overall market trend, emotionally / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Aug 25 2014 - Final Week Of August

The market direction outlook for Friday was almost a stalemate. The strong overbought condition could take the market either way, up or down, but only slightly. In the end stocks saw slight losses in the S&P and Dow and gains in the NASDAQ. Much of the action on Friday swung under the comments from Yellen which basically didn’t add anything new for investors and by the Ukrainian crisis which saw Russia send in “humanitarian aid” without Ukraine’s permission. Investors found both of these somewhat unsettling, but with the market direction still up, stocks / Read More

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