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TSX Market Direction Outlook For July 31 2014

My outlook for stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange for Wednesday was for stocks to move lower. Instead solid earnings from Cenovus energy (CVE) helped to push the energy sector higher. Cenovus (CVE) energy shares gained 80 cents to close at $33.61 as they tripled their second quarter net earnings to $615 million due to the higher oil prices and increased oil production. Cenovus Energy Stock Trade Cenovus Energy Stock has been added to my Canadian portfolio on July 30. FullyInformed Canada Members can select this link to review the latest trade and / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For July 31 2014 - Bias Is Still Lower

The market direction outlook for Wednesday was for stocks to move lower. The short-term outlook which goes beyond one day, is for the SPX to probably try to retest 1956. Today for example the SPX fell down to 1962.42 before pushing back up. The stronger GDP numbers, I think, were in the cards. The employment numbers have continually showed strength building for more than a few weeks now. While the GDP coming in at 4% was beyond what most expected, myself included, it continues to show what the employment numbers have been telling / Read More

Become A Better Investor - Staying Flexible and Profitable Using Signals - ADM Stock

Archer Daniels Midland is one of the largest food processing companies in the world. At the start of July the company announced the acquisition of WILD Flavors, a global market leader in natural flavoring ingredients. The acquisition may work well for Archer Daniels Midland. Over most of the past two years I have done primarily stock trading with Archer Daniels Midland Stock but the recent acquisition has pushed up the volatility in the stock as investors speculate over whether the stock is overvalued, undervalued or fairly valued depending on the success of the / Read More

61% Chance Fed Will Raise Rates in June 2015

The Federal Reserve wrapped up their two-day meeting on the back of strong GDP numbers which surprised every analyst estimates and rising employment numbers that are pointing to employment that is back to the levels seen in 2007 and possibly even 2006. The Federal Reserve acknowledged that inflation appears to be firming up. While short-term interest rate futures barely moved after the meeting, CME FedWatch which tracks rate-hike expectations by plotting fed funds futures contracts show that the market is assigning a 61 percent chance that the first Fed rate hike will be / Read More

Aflac Stock (AFL) Trades For 2014 Update - July 30 2014

Aflac Stock has been in my portfolio for two years and continues to provide income and profits while at the same time a decent level of protection. I have discussed in the past the strong trading pattern that exists with Aflac Stock. This trading pattern has made profiting within Aflac Stock reasonably easy but offers a high level of protection. The collapse in Aflac Stock today has opened up numerous trading opportunities. I discussed many of them in my morning investing strategy notes before the markets opened today. Aflac Stock Plunge The plunge / Read More

Trade Alert - Market Direction Portfolio for  July 30 2014

As discussed in this morning’s investing strategy notes before the markets open, I entered the market direction portfolio with another trade this morning. All of these trades in the Market Direction Portfolio are being done using the Ultra ETFs that trade at 3 times the underlying index movement. Here are today’s trades for members. Market Direction Portfolio Trade Alert for July 30 2014 FullyInformed USA Members can can read the latest market direction portfolio trade directly through this link or they can sign in to the full USA site here. Non-members can join / Read More

Trade Ideas and Investing Strategy Notes Before The Markets Open for July 30 2014

Here are my investing strategy notes before the markets open on July 30. My investing strategy notes for Wednesday also include some trade ideas which I will be endeavoring to enter in the morning if at all possible. Before The Open – Investing Strategy Notes For July 30 2014 FullyInformed USA Members can can login directly through this link to read the investing strategy notes and trade ideas before markets open for July 30 2014 or they can sign in to the full USA members site here. Non-members can join FullyInformed USA here / Read More

Profiting From Twitter Stock Quarterly Results for July 30 2014

After hours Twitter Stock was up 32% to $50.95 when I last looked. Revenue beat estimates coming in at $312 million, up 24% for the quarter. They boasted the highest number of net ads this past quarter but part of that could be from the World Cup. The CEO was speaking on CNBC after the earnings were released. CEO Dick Costolo indicated that it was product changes that drove growth this past quarter and not the world cup. Active Users Up The number of active users rose to 271 million from 255 million / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For July 30 2014

My outlook for stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange for Tuesday was for stocks to move sideways and slightly higher. The TSX opened higher and pushed to 15,506.09 but then gave the rally back in the afternoon to close at 15,445.22 up just 1.33 on the day. The give back of the entire rally shows the extent the market direction up is overbought. But that is changing as we can see in the technical outlook this evening. In other news Westjet Stock was up $1.33 or 4.85% to $28.75 as profits and revenue / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For July 30 2014 - Lower

The market direction outlook for Tuesday was a repeat of the 50/50 outlook. Basically a 50 % chance of a slightly higher close and a 50% chance of a slightly lower close. Once again though there were other events that the market had to take into account. The strongest was perhaps the geopolitical happenings with President Obama putting in place still more sanctions, the EU sanctions and the continued fighting in Gaza. The market for some time has been ignoring most geopolitical events but since the downing of the Malaysian passenger airliner, the / Read More

Market Direction Intraday Comments for July 29 2014 - SeeSaw

The market direction outlook Tuesday was pretty well unchanged from Monday at a 50/50 outlook. Basically very sideways with only a slight chance of either a small positive or negative close. There are of course many reasons for this kind of day but the overbought environment coupled with the market struggling at new highs is one of the big reasons for what is turning out to be a see-saw day. Other stats from today include the highest consumer confidence numbers since 2007. But regular readers of Fullyinformed.com know what I think of consumer / Read More

What The VIX Index May Be Telling Investors - July 29 2014

As regular readers know I use the VIX Index Strategy to profit from periods of higher volatility. That means entering the VIX Index Strategy during periods of lower volatility. This article looks at the trades I commenced back in February 2014. I discuss how they have been handled and how I have dealt with the periods of low volatility and continued to profit despite lower call premiums. The article then discusses the two indicators I am using at present which are sending a number of signals to investors advising them what to possible / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For July 29 2014

My outlook for stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange for Monday was for stocks to move sideways and close lower. The TSX did open lower, tried to rally, then sold off into the morning reaching an intraday low of 15,406.10. A rally back took the TSX to 15,465.29 but then weakness entered for the afternoon into the close and the TSX closed down just 9.82 points to 15,445.22. The rest of this article is for members only. TSX Market Direction Outlook for July 29 2014 FullyInformed Canada Members can can login directly through / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For July 29 2014 - 50 / 50 - Unchanged

The market direction outlook for Monday was a 50/50 outlook. Basically a 50 % chance of a slightly higher close and a 50% chance of a slightly lower close. The market direction started off under pressure from the beginning of the day primarily due to the EU accord to put in place sanctions against Russia over their involvement in the Ukraine. This saw European markets lower by the time North American markets opened. Market Direction S&P Intraday Chart July 28 2014 You can see today’s activity in the one minute intraday S&P chart / Read More

Aflac Stock (AFL) Trade Alert for July 28 2014

The volatility heading into earnings on July 29 combined with the morning sell-off combined to create a near perfect trade in Aflac Stock today. This trade alert is for FullyInformed USA Members Aflac Stock Trade Alert FullyInformed USA Members can access this Aflac Stock Trade Alert through this link or USA Members can sign in here. Non-members can join here or read about the benefits of being a member. Aflac Stock Review Prior Years: Review Aflac Stock Trades For 2014 Review Aflac Stock Trades For 2013 Review Aflac Stock Internal Links: Review all / Read More

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