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TSX Market Direction Outlook For Sept 19 2014

The outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Thursday was for stocks to remain weak but try to rebound off the Lower Bollinger Band. This is what happened during the day but not before the Toronto Stock Exchange broke through the Lower Bollinger Band and headed further down. TSX Intraday One Minute Chart In the TSX intraday one minute chart below you can see that at the outset the market fell back to 15,434. A rally back pushed the TSX right back to the morning opening high but not higher. This actually ended / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Sept 19 2014 - Fed Rally and New Highs

The outlook for Thursday was for the Fed induced rally to continue. I felt there could be some weakness to start the day off but that the direction would be up. From the Federal Reserve minutes and comments from Chair Yellen, the only two words that mattered to investors has been “Considerable Time” when speaking about interest rates. Before Yellen’s comments many analysts were expecting rates to move higher by June 2015. Now many are discussing the possibility of it being July or even into the early fall of 2015. If as well, / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For Sept 18 2014

The outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Wednesday was for stocks to remain weak but with a slight bias up. There was a brief period when the TSX was positive but most of the time the index was negative and in the end, the TSX fell lower by 51.66 points or 0.33%. The market drifted lower all morning and through the lunch hour. By 1:30 it was near the session lows trading as low as 15,428.34 which is within 28 points of the important 15400 level which is also by the 50 / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Sept 18 2014 - Still About The Fed

My market direction outlook for Wednesday was basically that the Fed would be the main catalyst for the market direction. While this was definitely the case, it turns out the Fed’s notes and Chair Yellen’s comments may be the influencing factor again on Thursday. While the Fed Chair may not seem to have said anything new, there were definite changes expressed including the ending of Quantitative Easing next month along with continual references to there being a “considerable time” before rates rise. However what the Fed may consider considerable and what investors do / Read More

5 ETF Trade Ideas For The End Of The Third Week Of Sept 2014

This week so far, the market direction is trending sideways within a tight trading range. Today’s jump outside that trading range almost to a new high on the SPX has many investors confused. Often when investors are nervous about the next direction stocks may take, I advise looking at ETFs. While they are not “safe” in the sense that many analysts express, they do often have less volatility and for short-term trading of a couple of weeks to a month at most, they can be a decent method to continue to generate income / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For Sept 17 2014

The outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Tuesday was for a possible rally back. I explained that the downside for stocks was probably 20 to 30 points before a rally back. This was based on the TSX now down to the Lower Bollinger Band which is often a signal many investors follow to jump back into stocks to ride any possible rally higher. In the morning stocks were in fact weak and fell about 40 points. But with US Indexes rising, particularly late in the morning, investors starting to pick away at / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Sept 17 2014 - All About The Fed

My market direction outlook for Tuesday was for stocks to stay weak and close slightly lower. Basically I was looking for a repeat of Monday’s action. While the opening of the day on Tuesday certainly seemed to suggest that stocks would stay weak, the drop of the S&P to the Lower Bollinger Band seemed to be enough to drag investors back to stocks and by later afternoon they were busy buying stocks. Once 1994 was retaken, investors rushed in and volumes finally picked up slightly on the S&P as investors snapped up stocks / Read More

4 Trade Ideas for TSX Stocks for Sept 16 2014

Whenever investors are trading stocks and options on the Toronto Stock Exchange they are surprised at how different it can be when compared to US equity trading. Indeed there are significant differences between the Toronto Stock Exchange and the bigger US stock markets. Canadian options are thinly traded and often you can remain for days with just a penny difference and never be filled. To profit you have to use strategies and know when to apply them. Protection of capital in use is paramount and having a rescue in place, even an initial / Read More

5 Trade Ideas for Tuesday Sept 16 2014

Here are 5 trading ideas I have entered or am trying to enter today. Obviously with the market pushing back up, investors are anticipating the Fed will remain accommodative. This is what I also am expecting. Despite all the hoopla surrounding the Fed minutes yet again, I am expecting “steady as she goes” policies. With these 5 trades one in particular really stands out but all 5 are in exceptional price points in my opinion and I have entered most of them today. Remember you always trade at your own risk. 5 Trade / Read More

Morning Investing Strategy Notes for Sep 16 2014

For FullyInformed USA Members here are my morning strategy notes for September 16 2014. It is nice to see the green on the charts this morning, but overall the markets are still in the same trading range as we enter tomorrow. Once more the Fed minutes hold the market in check as investors and analysts anticipate what they will find out tomorrow. The strange this is this pivotal moments have repeatedly come and gone and by and large they have always been “steady as she goes”. Here are my investing strategy notes to / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Sept 16 2014 - Weakness Continues Ahead of the Fed

In my market direction outlook for Monday I explained that as we head into the Fed minutes on Wednesday, weakness will dominate but stocks will attempt rallies. In general today stocks did trend primarily sideways with three rally attempts which managed to keep the SPX moving sideways into the close. It was the NASDAQ that drew a lot of the attention as it moved lower by 1% throughout the day and failed to recover into the close. A lot of analysts turned bearish on tech stocks citing today’s pullback as the start of / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For Sept 16 2014

The outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Monday was for stocks to continue to face weakness and move lower. Stocks are still under pressure but a lot of the pressure is being brought about by the rising US dollar as well as a lower GDP for China. As one of the world’s largest users of commodities that Canada exports, any slow down in China will affect our markets and as such resource based stocks. The rest of this TSX market direction outlook article is for members. TSX Market Direction Outlook for Sept / Read More

Trade Ideas for Intel Stock (INTC) for Sept 16 2014

Intel Stock releases it’s next earnings on October 14 2014. Analysts on average are expecting an increase from .58 cents for the quarter to .64 cents for a gain of 10 %. This might seem a bit excessive especially with all the talk about declining computer sales, but most analysts seem to think that Intel’s revenue will top most estimates. I have been trading against Intel Stock since 2010. The returns have been stellar, but with the stock now sitting near recent highs, there is a lot of concern about where the stock / Read More

Aflac Stock (AFL) Trades For 2014 Update - Sep 15 2014

Since starting trading in Aflac Stock in 2013, it has earned 43% against capital in use. The trades continue to provide strong returns despite my lack of interest in owning stock for anything more than the shortest period of time necessary. Aflac Stock fell back at the end of July on earnings disappointment. In total the drop was around 8.5%. From that drop the stock rallied back to almost $62.00 and is now falling again. As the stock continues to struggle, volatility rises which helps to push up option premiums. You can also / Read More

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