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I believe people spend more time investigating what car to buy than taking care of their personal finances. 35 years ago I decided to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed. I built this site to share my strategies and investments. To understand my strategies Continue Reading >>
TSX Market Direction Outlook For April 27 2015

The Market Direction Outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Friday Apr 24 was for stocks to continue their advance but only with a slightly positive close following Thursday’s technical bounce higher. Indeed on Friday stocks saw a limited intraday advance to 15,440.36 just 245 points from the all-time high. However the intraday high was lost as the Toronto Stock Exchange closed at $15,408.33 up just 15.98 points. Still it was a good day as stocks managed to stay above the 15,350 level. Overall there is ………..  the remainder of the TSX Market / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For April 27 2015 - Weakness But Still Up

The market direction outlook for the S&P for Friday Apr 24 was for stocks to continue a modest advance. Part of the reason for a modestly higher outlook  was volume which remains below-average at best. For the markets to push a lot higher and hold those highs, volume has to improve and build. Markets can always move higher on low volume and often low volume will create periods of higher and lower moves than usually would occur. But there is always no staying power or strength to movements that have low volumes. The / Read More

Put Selling Options Index - Actual Stock Trades

Put Selling Options Articles Continued… (Actual Stock Trades) To Put Selling Index Page 1 This section looks at put selling strategies as they are applied to various stocks. By reviewing these actual stock trades put selling articles, investors can understand how the put selling strategies work and how to modify them for their own use or for different stocks. Put Selling Articles Dealing With Specific Stock Trades (Articles are organized with the most recent on top. To read an article select the article title) Rolling In The Money Put Credit Spreads – Aflac / Read More

Put Selling Index of Strategies and Articles

My favorite financial investment strategy is Put Selling whether as naked puts or cash secured puts. In its most basic terms when an investor gets involved in put selling, they are selling someone the legal right to assign, or put shares to them at the put strike price they have sold. Put Selling – Naked Put Definition Put selling is referred to as “Naked” because when an investor does put selling, they have “exposed” themselves to assignment as they do not own the stock shares they have sold the naked put against. The / Read More

Morning Investing Strategy Notes and Trade Tips For New Highs for Apr 24 2015

For FullyInformed USA Members here are my morning investing strategy notes for Apr 23 2015 at 11:00 AM In my market direction outlook last night, the outlook is for moderately higher prices. With the S&P and NASDAQ moving into territory that has no support levels yet built, the S&P 500 2100 level takes on strong significance. Trade Tips For New Highs The most important thing to remember when stocks …………… the rest of this article is for FullyInformed USA Members. Morning Investing Strategy Notes For Apr 24 2015 FullyInformed USA Members can login / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For April 24 2015

The Market Direction Outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Thursday Apr 23 was for stocks to bounce back from the past two days of selling. The day was spent with the TSX moving higher and closing near the highs for the day up just over half a percent at 87.58 points higher to $15,392.35. Stocks were driven higher today primarily by mining and energy companies and to a lesser extent financial companies………..  the remainder of the TSX Market Direction Outlook is for FullyInformed Canada Members. For FullyInformed Canada members, here is the / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For April 24 2015 - Modestly Higher

The market direction outlook for the S&P for Thursday April 23 was for stocks to move higher. The anticipation is for stocks to take out their all-time highs but just how much further they could move is difficult to pinpoint present. As explained in last night’s Market Direction Outlook, stocks had enough momentum to move higher on Thursday. It was an excellent day with the NASDAQ hitting an all-time high for the first time in 15 years. The S&P made a new all-time high of 2120.49 and the DOW advanced to 18,133.03 before / Read More

 Trade Alert – DuPont Stock (DD) for Apr 23 2015 – Covered Calls

DuPont Stock is being consistently traded this year and more aggressively. The weakness in the stock continues to provide exceptional trade potential and returns. Yesterday I entered into two different trades within the stock and outlined my plans for today and Friday. Yesterday I explained that after ……….. the rest of this article is for FullyInformed USA Members. This article outlines the management of the ongoing trade in DuPont Stock which commenced April 22 2015. DuPont Stock Trade Alert – Apr 23 2015 FullyInformed USA Members can directly access the latest DuPont Stock / Read More

Put Selling Ladder Adjustment – Coca Cola Stock Naked Puts – Apr 23 2015

Coca Cola Stock surprised analysts with their better than expected earnings and revenue numbers. With so many downgrades my Put Selling ladder with Coca Cola Stock has worked out beautifully into its third year. No stock has yet been assigned and returns have been over 20% annually. In 2014 Coca Cola Stock returned 22%. This year the trades appear on track to return at least 20%. I am hoping to beat the return for 2014. Here are the latest rungs in the Put Selling ladder that I am setting up.. The rest of / Read More

Market Direction Portfolio Update - Stop-Loss Adjusted Again - Apr 23 2015

For USA Members following the Market Direction Portfolio these are my strategy notes for the Market Direction Portfolio as of 1:00 on Apr 23 2015. The trade which I commenced on Apr 21 has certainly worked out. Many members got in at better prices than I did on this latest trade which shows that more and more members are grasping the trading concept behind the Market Direction Portfolio for this year. Here are the latest notes and most recent adjustment to the stop-loss in the latest Market Direction Portfolio trade. This Market Direction / Read More

Investing Strategy Notes and IWM, VIX, Procter and Gamble, GM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Caterpillar, PepsiCo, Dow Chemical and Starbucks Before The Markets Open Apr 23 2015

Here are my investing strategy notes before the markets open for Thursday Apr 23 2015. The strategy notes look at a number of signals I am watching at present along with some trade ideas for a variety of stocks that will be reporting earnings on Thursday. Not all the stocks I mention in this morning’s Investing Strategy Notes before the markets open are stocks I trade in. However for those that do like to trade them, I have included support levels I think make sense for possible trades. This article is for USA / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For April 23 2015 - Cautiously Up

The market direction outlook for the S&P for Wednesday April 22 was for an attempt to rally at the open but weakness in the morning to prevail. The close could be positive or negative but overall the outlook remains weak for stocks presently. By the close of the day stocks had recovered from earlier weakness and closed positive.  Some quarterly results impressed but others disappointed on Wednesday. Facebook Stock came in soft on their numbers as did McDonalds. AT&T met estimates. Coca Cola surprised many analysts with better than expected sales and profits / Read More

TSX Market Direction Outlook For April 23 2015

The Market Direction Outlook for the Toronto Stock Exchange for Wednesday Apr 22 was for weakness to continue. Again, no big drop was expected, just further weakness. Throughout the early morning on Wednesday the TSX moved lower but a rally back around 11:00 AM set the tone for the market to try to recover losses.  By the close of the day the market was down only 41 points and still held the 15300 level, closing at 15,304.77 despite being as low as 15,215.87 during the day. The biggest weakness came from the financial / Read More

Trade Alert and Trade Ideas In Facebook Stock (FB) And Some Concerns – Apr 22 2015

This morning before markets opened I outlined some trade ideas I was considering for Facebook Stock. I entered early into one of the trades as I was fairly convinced their earnings numbers would come close or meet analysts estimates. Revenue and earnings were released after hours and they were disappointing. While the stock which has been trading at all-time highs pulled back slightly after hours, there could be more downside on Thursday when markets open. This strategy article looks at my trade in Facebook Stock and possible trade ideas for Thursday’s market.   / Read More

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