Warm Wishes For A Blessed And Happy Thanksgiving

The events in Paris this month and the loss of so many innocent lives gives us all pause on this Thanksgiving Weekend.

As families and friends gather around the dinner table and enjoy moments of laughter, banter and delicious food, it is a moment in our busy world when we can stop for a brief few minutes and reflect on how full and rich our lives are.

I am Canadian as most investors know, but I have countless friends and family in the United States and over this long weekend, I am visiting with many of them who have gathered in Michigan for what is a Thanksgiving reunion.  Friends and family have come from Florida, California, Texas, North Carolina, New York, Virginia and New Hampshire as well as those of us from Ontario to celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy the company of friends we never see often enough.

At the dinner this evening, a moment of silence was given to remember family and friends who are no longer with us. It was a single quiet minute when not a sound was heard.  Our meal was then blessed and the noise level rose to be almost deafening. During the dinner stories were swapped, many embellished more each year and the room was filled with laughter, dishes clinking and the aroma of fine food and desserts.

I listened to all the noise and laughter and thought it is amazing how blessed we are to live in this part of our world.

I want to extend to everyone on this Thanksgiving Weekend my warmest wishes.

May your loved ones, your families and friends enjoy this wonderful holiday and perhaps just for a moment reflect on how fortunate we all are. For that I am truly thankful.

My very best wishes,

Teddi Knight