Walmart Stock and Hurricane Sandy – Put Selling Opportunity

No one wants to profit from the misfortune of others but as an investor I need to be aware of events that can impact my portfolio. Some events can damage it and others can provide unique Put Selling opportunities.

Hurricane Sandy, while damaging much of North-East United States, could provide a boost to the US economy as insurance and government dollars will now be spent to rebuild, repair and replace much of what Sandy has destroyed. There are a number of stocks that I believe will benefit short-term from this infusion of dollars and Walmart Stock should be one of them.

In this article I look at two different strategies that I will be combining this week when the stock markets re-open. Being aware that Walmart Stock has already had a very good rise in valuation, I look at the goal of my trade, the strategy and a rescue strategy based on charting the possibilities of what may occur in Walmart Stock.

I have had a terrific year trading in Walmart Stock. This could be the icing on the cake to cap the year end.

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