VISA Stock (V) Trade Alert Dec 31 2013

This is a FullyInformed Members Trade Alert. As discussed in my article on 10 Trade Ideas For The End of 2013, I started a position in Visa Stock this morning. VISA Stock (V) has been in my Put Selling portfolio since 2008 and all my Visa Stock trades can be reviewed through the links below. I also have a long-term core position of VISA Stock in my Retirement Account which I bought in 2007, sold in 2008 and bought more in the bear market collapse in late 2008. The goal for those shares is to sell them for $300 which I believe VISA Stock will reach. Until then I am using the Hide and Seek Covered Call Strategy to sell calls. My cost to date on the VISA Stock shares in my retirement account is zero thanks to the Hide and Seek Strategy.

Visa Stock Trade Alert for Dec 31 2013

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