Trade Alert – Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Strategy – June 17 2014

Since the stock split, Apple Stock has done a decent job of staying above $90.00. My personal outlook is the stock will break $100.00 over the summer months but that is just a prediction without any technical basis. I did two trades today in Apple Stock continuing the Biweekly Put Selling Strategy. To date the strategy is up 23%. With 6 months left there is a good chance of coming close to last year’s 50% gain in the stock.

While the outlook may seem cloudy to a lot of investors, I prefer to focus on support levels and set up Credit Put Selling contracts against those levels. This article discusses the trade of June 17 2014.

Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Trade for June 17 2014

This article is a trade alert and strategy discussion of the June 17 trade in Apple Stock. This trade continues the Biweekly Put Selling Strategy in Apple Stock.

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