SPY ETF Trading For Pennies Strategy Analysis – June 16 2014 – Entry Points and Stop-Loss Method

On June 16 I did a morning Trading For Pennies Strategy trade through using SPY PUT options which provided a 40% return. I found it interesting that a forum member was also attempting the same SPY PUT trade and commented that he entered a Trading For Pennies Strategy trade on the SPY ETF through purchasing puts expecting the market direction to be down but then was stopped out and missed the entire pull back. He wondered about methods that could be used to help prevent being stopped out early from a potential winning trade on the SPY ETF.

This article was written around his questions and a look at why his trade using SPY PUT Options failed while the same trade succeeded for my portfolio.

June 16 2014 Trading For Pennies Strategy Trade – SPY PUT

Entering Signals – 10:20 AM – Wrong Entry Signals

The investor entered the trade at 10:20 AM on June 16 2014.  This entry was far too early for either a put or call trade on the SPY ETF. The signals at that time did not indicate any trade should be entered. To have regular winning trades an investor needs to understand when to enter the trade and how to select the correct point in the SPY ETF.

This article is a full strategy discussion on understanding the signals for properly entering trades on the SPY ETF. It includes a full analysis of the June 16 2014 morning trade and presents the stop-loss method I use in a sideways market to assist in trying to insure maximum profit potential while protecting the capital at risk.

SPY ETF Trading For Pennies Strategy Analysis for June 16 2014

Maximize Profit and Pinpoint Entry Points

This article on the SPY PUT option trade is 2000 words in length and will require 11 pages if printed.

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