Three Trade Ideas For May 22 2014 on the TSX

The TSX has been hanging on quite nicely. Even triple digit down days are not concerning investors and they are often quickly followed by triple up days. Selling options in the Canadian stock market is not as easy as in the USA markets. I have often sat 1 cent apart and still never been filled. In fact I have sat 1 cent apart on a stock that is plunging and watched as the put premium doesn’t even shift. That’s trading options in Canada. The market is very thinly traded and you need a lot of patience, but done right you can profit handsomely in Canada. Here are three trades for the TSX. One trade I am already in but it is still a decent trade especially for an RRSP or TFSA. Let’s take a look at some of the trade ideas for Canadian investors. All trades are on the TSX and in Canadian dollars.

Here are some of the trades I have set up and may be entering Thursday or Friday. Remember that you always trade at your own risk.

Three Trade Ideas For May 22 2014 on the TSX

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