Stock Market Trading Strategy Using The VIX Index

An excellent Stock Market Trading strategy that I use to provide exceptional returns with a strong level of protection against capital loss is designed around the VIX Index. This Stock Market Trading strategy has a solid track record in my portfolio that stretches back to 2003.

I have written a number of articles regarding the VIX Index as a market timing system but many investors are not aware of using the VIX Index as a Stock Market Trading strategy. Today’s drop of 1.87% in the S&P 500 provided a return in excess of 70% for my most recent VIX Index trade.

I have used the VIX Index for Stock Market Trading since 2003 after studying and paper trading it from 2000 to 2002. The VIX Index has options which while not the most liquid, certainly have enough volume to allow me to get filled on 50 to 100 contracts without any problem.

How The VIX Index Stock Market Trading Strategy Works

Using the VIX Index as a market timing system can be as complex or as simple as you want. I prefer simple. My strategy is basic, easy to follow and provides stellar returns while having a low-level of risk of capital loss.

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