Covered Calls Income Combination Strategy For National Bank Of Canada Stock (NA)

National Bank Stock trades only on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canadian Dollars. National Bank Stock symbol is NA.

A Trade alert goes out this morning on National Bank Stock and I sold Covered Calls and some stock this morning on this excellent stock.

Covered Calls On Canadian Bank Stocks

Per my FullyInformed Members article on the Trade Ideas on the Canadian Banks from this weekend, National Bank Stock was literally a perfect trade based on the parameters in that article. I have been in and out of National Bank Stock for years. There is no need to hold this stock for very long. National Bank Stock sits in my retirement portfolio every single year and through a combination of covered calls and trading the stocks I have averaged 20% a year on National Bank Stock.

It is a simple trade to make. In Canada there are rules against Put Selling in a retirement account. Therefore I turn to Covered Calls Strategies and combine them with trading within the stock itself.

Covered Calls Income On National Bank Stock Explained

Below is the National Bank Stock (NA) for the past 12 months. The dividend at 83 cents is enough to get me trading this wonderful stock. This stock should be on every retirement investor’s radar for covered calls and stock trading opportunities.

National Bank Stock One Year Chart

National Bank Stock One Year Chart

Today’s strategy article explains my trade today in National Bank Stock and why the trades have remained so profitable. This Covered Calls combination strategy article can be accessed by FullyInformed Members directly through this link or Members can sign in here. Non-members can join here.