Spy ETF Hedge Trades And Intraday Market Updates For Feb 11 2020

Here are the morning trade notes for the SPY ETF Hedge strategy for Feb 11 2020 before markets begin trading.

Tonights notes have been expanded to show how I plot out support levels and resistance levels intraday. These are the levels I use to setup trades as well as monitor for significant breaks to the upside and the downside.

Make sure to review the support and resistance levels outlined for Tuesday and the comments on the outlook.

Remember I take profits as they appear since markets are very volatile and profits can disappear quickly. I stay with option strikes that have plenty of volume. If taking a loss I try to keep it small.

Not all strategies are suitable for all investors. Trading the SPY ETF intraday can be difficult and end with losses. This type of trading is for very active investors who love intraday trading. Make sure to paper trade to learn the strategy and determine its suitability for use, before risking actual capital.

This Spy ETF trade article is for FullyInformed Members.

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