Rolling In The Money Put Options – Picking The Strike and Month

The second article in this series on rolling in the money put options looks at deciding what put strike and month to choose when rolling put options that have ended up slightly in the money or two strikes in. This article uses Intel Stock and the recent pull back in the stock for its examples. With Intel Stock at $21.67 the article studies the $22 naked put and the $23 naked put to determine a decision process on how to pick the strike and the month to roll in the money options into.

Investors who engage in Put Selling as an investment strategy will often find themselves having to roll in the money naked puts. When a stock falls it may seem daunting but with a solid strategy in place investors are better prepared to make informed decisions on rolling their in the money naked puts. Once a strategy is understood, investors can remain calm when stocks fall, knowing in advance how they will handle the decline in the stock and even profit from it.

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