Repairing Apple Stock Trades – Investor Questions – Jan 2 2019

Apple Stock Repairs

I would imagine tomorrow, Thu Jan 3 2019, there will be more investors seeking some help with their Apple Stock positions as the stock is set to open lower following a lower guidance from the company on their next earnings. With sales in China and elsewhere not meeting their estimates, Apple’s Tim Cook sent a notice to investors advising of an anticipated drop in revenue on weaker than expected iPhone sales. They lowered their guidance from $89 billion down to $84 billion and expect gross margins to be closer to 38% rather than 38.5%. Overall I did not find the letter concerning and revenue numbers are still excellent, but perception at present is rather “dire” for many tech names and this is bound to get further selling in Apple Stock and other tech names.

On the members forum Rose wrote in, looking for some ideas:

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Repairing Apple Stock Trades – Investor Questions – Jan 2 2019

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