Quick Comments on Yahoo Options Group – Oct 31 2019

Stock Market Outlook Quick Comments

For investors who are members of my Covered Calls-Naked Puts Yahoo group, Yahoo has decided to close down their groups function. They have already discontinued sending out emails as many of you have discovered since Oct 28.

I am in the process of searching for an alternative to move investors to so we can continue to stay in touch. I am also downloading all files and documents from the yahoo group so they are not lost.

At the same time I am also considering opening a Facebook Groups. This could be a good alternative. I have had a lot of requests over the past several years to open a Facebook group so perhaps now is the time.

If you have any ideas or comments on the replacement, please send me an email at techsupport(at)fullyinformed.com and let me know your thoughts. If you like the idea of a Facebook group, please let me know as well.


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