Put Selling Seagate Stock (STX) Needs A Strategy For Profits

Put Selling against some stocks can bring large rewards even in a low volatility environment such as at present. While many investors who love Put Selling are having trouble bringing in decent returns, the key is to look for those stocks that are strong enough to not end up putting your naked puts into assignment and if by chance they do, strong enough to recover and allow you to get out of your positions. It seems like a tall order at times but one of the stocks that should be on every investor’s watch list for Put Selling is Seagate Stock. The Seagate Stock symbol is STX and it trades on the NASDAQ.

Seagate Stock Put Selling Strategy

Seagate Stock is volatile but unlike many commodity type stocks, Seagate stock has a definable support level which makes Put Selling a lot easier especially to avoid assignment. Seagate stock has been a roller coaster ride for the past 12 months which, while making Put Selling not the easiest, have kept up volatility levels which has help drive up the price of option premiums making them highly profitable. I have marked the 52 week high and low of Seagate Stock.

Seagate Stock Put Selling One Year Chart

Seagate Stock one Year Daily Chart

Put Selling Strategy Is Essential

Without a proper strategy a stock like Seagate Stock (STX) can end up being a disaster for investors. This highly volatile stock makes Put Selling profitable but a strategy is essential.

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