Profiting From The Intraday Chart Analysis – After The Close For Apr 7 2015

For FullyInformed USA Members here is the intraday chart analysis after the close of trading for Apr 7 2015. The continued erratic behavior of stocks this year is growing profits quickly as many of my strategies rely on momentum and volatility for higher returns. This year has been ideal to date.

Yesterday I explained that I use the intraday chart analysis as it provides a good understanding of what the day to day intraday price movements are and how I can profit from them. I discussed the Trading For Pennies Strategy and the Spy Put Hedge Strategy, both of which can pour profits into a portfolio for active traders. I would not recommend either for passive investors or for those who have limited experience.

Today’s Intraday Chart Analysis article builds on yesterday’s, as I look at the signals to watch and how to know when to enter trades to profit from market changes.

Paper Trading To Learn

However even those with limited experience who want to consider active trading can learn a lot by paper trading and keeping the intraday charts open. No other method I know can earn profits like stock trading can but like all types of investments, if done wrong, they can end with huge losses. Paper trading is essential in my opinion to becoming a successful investor.

The Intraday Chart Analysis after the close for Monday April 7 2015, looks at the signals to follow intraday to profit from movements in the indexes.  The signals are easy to follow and once learned, trading intraday can become quite profitable.

Intraday Chart Analysis After The Close For Apr 7 2015

FullyInformed USA Members can read the latest intraday chart analysis from today’s close directly through this link or they can sign in to the full USA site here. Non-members can join here or read about the benefits of a membership.

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