Picking The Put Strikes For Apple Stock BiWeekly Strategy

This is a strategy update article for FullyInformed Members who are using the Biweekly Put Selling Strategy or other Put Selling strategies on Apple Stock. The original goal of my Apple Stock biweekly Put Selling strategy was a gain of 30% for the year ending January 14 2014. With 29.6% already earned by what is now the seventh month, I think the returns are going to be a lot higher. I had as one of the goals, doubling my capital in use for Apple Stock within 3 years. That certainly seems attainable at this point.

How To Pick Apple Stock Put Strikes To Sell

This strategy article is 2000 words in length (approx 6 pages) and discusses the present outlook for Apple Stock along with Carl Icahn’s recent move into the stock and what that means for investors. The other focus of the article is an examination of the method I have used to pick the put strikes I am selling. As one of the goals of this trade was to never own shares, it is important that the strategy focuses on earning strong returns over a short period of time, and staying completely away from the possibility of assignment of shares. This portion of the article shows the technique being used and how to apply it to the biweekly Put Selling strategy. This technique can also be considered for use on many other stocks or ETFs as well although it is presently being used on Apple Stock specifically for the bi-weekly Put Selling trades.

Apple Stock Strategy Update

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