Dividend Worries with Newell Brands Stock (NWL)

I recently received an email from an investor who is holding shares in Newell Brands Stock (NWL) which has collapsed more than 50% since June 2021. His concern is whether management will cut the dividend and the outlook for the stock to recover.

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I am very worried about my position in Newell Brands Stock (NWL) which I bought 1000 shares originally in January 2017 for for $46.24 and then another 1000 shares in January 2021 for $24.20. They pay an annual dividend of $0.92 and I am worried management will cut the dividend and the stock will collapse further. It is trading for $10.00 presently and I would love to average lower again on another thousand shares. Can you offer me any advice. I realize it would be just your opinion but I have asked this question from other analysts and friends and everyone seems to “beat-around-the-bush” and not give me a straight answer. I hope you can.



Hi Ryan;

Thanks for your email. With 2000 shares and $70,440 tied to this stock I do not know your financial situation. For someone with millions of dollars, this might not be as big a concern and indeed they may buy another thousand shares as soon as the stock begins to rally. However for the average investor $70,000 is enough money tied to this position to be worried. Here are my thoughts on your situation.

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Newell Brands Stock Collapse – Is The Dividend Safe – Investor Questions

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