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If you are experiencing problems with registration, password, log-in or any other issues please e-mail for assistance.

Made Payment But Failed To Receive Registration Email

After you made your payment through PayPal, you should receive within a few minutes a registration email that will assist you in setting up a username and a password to gain entry to the members section. If you did not receive it, please check your spam filter to see if it is there. If you cannot find your registration email, please select this link and fill out the membership entry form. Your account will then be set up and you will gain access in about an hour.

Don’t Have A PayPal Account But Want To Join

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to become a member. If you do not have a PayPal account but do have a credit card for payment, please follow these instructions. If you wish to pay by debit or a check you will need to open a PayPal account. All transactions are in US Dollars.

I am a member but can’t log in.

Please fill out the contact form here and we will resolve this issue.

US Dollars and Sales Taxes

All transactions are in US Dollars. If you are not paying in US Dollars or are not using a US Dollar denominated credit card, you will see a currency conversion amount from your credit card company to adjust your currency into US Dollars on your credit card statement. If paying by through a PayPal account, you will see a currency conversion amount in your PayPal account from PayPal.

The membership price includes any applicable sales taxes.

Email Updates and Trade Alerts Are Not Being Received

You must sign up for email updates through the “Subscribe By Email To Stay Updated” form which is in the right hand column to receive updates. If you have subscribed and you are still not receiving updates, please check to make sure that you have the following address in your safe or white list so it is not being caught in your spam filter: You can also set up the domain “” in your white list. For,, and, add the e-mail addresses of fullyinformed@justsecuremail and to your contact list. That will whitelist email updates I send to you.

Other internet providers such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon often block emails which their spam filters consider as spam. handles e-mail for and often delays, defers or deletes e-mail they consider as spam. You have to contact them directly or do a Google search with the phrase “Whitelist emails AT&T” and replace AT&T with your provider. That should find a form you can fill out and request emails from the domain and be whitelisted.

If you are still having trouble receiving email updates please email me at and I will check if I can assist further.

Password Not Working

If you are unable to gain access try the lost password form. If the lost password form does not seem to be working for you, please fill out the contact form here and we will resolve this issue.

Not Real-Time Trading

The members section is not designed for real-time trading. Real-time trading is an impossibility because trading itself is very fluid and time sensitive. Trying to duplicate my trades is not recommended as nothing posted on my site is in real-time. Also, I will often sell puts or do a trade only to find out in the next day or two that the premium is better than what I received.  This can happen with other trades as well. I may close too early or too late. There is no perfect method of investing and my trades are not perfect and, even if they were, I cannot get the information to you fast enough for you to be able to duplicate the trades. So real-time trading is not the focus of The focus is on education, knowledge and mentoring to learn to be a better independent investor.

As explained on the join page, the purpose of the Members site is for hands-on studying of investing strategies and topics. The members section is for those investors interested in sharpening their investing skills and knowledge by delving deeper into investing with option and stock strategies. These in-depth studies of strategies include learning about adjustments and alterations for different market environments. The members section also provides access to my ongoing trades without advertisements or page size constrictions, and it allows for more detailed explanations so investors can “follow along”, learn, and engage in questions and answers so they can review, design, and implement their own strategies. To learn more please select this link.

No Refunds Are Available

Please be aware that once you have made a payment, refunds are not available. Much of the information contained on the members site is time sensitive and other information are specific strategies and concepts. I suggest that any investor interested in joining select the one month period to determine the suitability of the content for their needs. After a one month period you may increase your time period from 3 to 12 months to save further on your membership.

Terms and Conditions

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Your Privacy Is Important

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