New Members

For new members I suggest subscribing for one month at the start of your membership as I do not offer refunds. As well I do not have automatic renewals. When your one month period is expired you can decide whether to renew again. At that time you may want to renew for longer than one month to enjoy a discount over the one month price.

Two Steps To Becoming A Member

For new members, there are two steps involved.

Step 1: Register your membership

The First Step is you register your membership through a username and a password, You can reach the join page through this link.

Step 2: Select how long you wish to be a member

The second step is you select your membership period of one to twelve months and make payment. After making your payment your account is open and you are given immediate access to all members only sections including all trade strategies, trade details, articles, portfolios, the investing tools and private members forums.

Confirming Email Sent To You

Although it is not necessary to receive or keep the confirming email, I do send an automated email to the email address you opened your membership with which contains a copy of your login details and confirmation of your payment. There is no need to keep this unless you want an email record of your login details and payment. If you do not receive this email is it because it is being caught as spam.,, AT&T and especially are very aggressive at blocking automated messages which the registration email sent to you is. Please check your spam or junk folder for your confirmation email. Also if possible place these email addresses in your safe or white list so they are not caught in your spam filter. These are the email addresses used from my website:mailing

If you are unable to locate your registration email in your spam filter or inbox and would like a copy, please fill out the form below and tech support will send you another copy.


For renewing, there are no automatic renewals. You simply go to the renewal page here and login using your existing username and password. Then you select the time period you wish to renew for. Different discounts apply depending on the length of time you wish to renew. There are no refunds available once you have made payment so select a time period that is appropriate for your needs.

Request A Copy Of Your Confirmation Email

This form is to request a duplicate copy of your confirmation email if you made payment but could not find your confirmation email. Required fields are marked.

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    You cannot gain entry if your payment FAILED and you were NOT debited. Please go to the JOIN page again through this link. and reapply for a membership. Any problems please contact tech support through this form.