Lost or Forgotten Password

To reset your password there are two methods you can use. It is suggested to try method 1 for an instant automated password reset. If that fails or you cannot find the email sent to you, then try method 2 which takes longer but always works as a technician manually updates your password.

Method 1: Automated Password Reset:

You receive an automated email with a random set of numbers and letters to log back in. You can change your password after you login to your profile. If you do not receive an automated email the email sent to you is probably in your spam folder as often gmail, yahoo and outlook.com see the automated email as spam. If this method fails to work you cannot reply to the email sent to you as it is an automated password reset. It is not reviewed by a technician. If Method 1 fails to work, then please go to method 2 below where a technician updates your password exactly as requested.

Please enter your e-mail address. You will receive a new password via e-mail.

Method 2: Manual Password Reset: This method always works and you can select the exact password you want to use but it can take up to 8 hours to reset. A technician manually updates your password with the exact password you want to use and will contact you to advise when it is working. Any problems and you can contact the technician back. To use this method please fill out the form below to request a password reset. Remember to include your username. If you cannot remember your username please use this form instead.

    This form allows you to reset your password if your membership is active and has not expired. Password resets can take up to 8 hours to be active.

    Please fill in the following details:

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    Your Username (required)

    What password would you like to use (required)

    Your Name (first and last) (required)

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    Any Alternate Email (not required but helpful)

    Please note it can take up to 8 hours for a changed password to be fully active. You will receive an email when your new password is active.

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    If you are having other problems that are not related to a new password such as not remembering your username, please contact tech support through this form and they will assist you with getting you back into your account.