The members section is not designed for real-time trading. Real-time trading is an impossibility because trading itself is very fluid and time sensitive. Trying to duplicate my trades is not recommended as nothing posted on my site is in real-time. Also, I will often sell puts only to find out in the next day or two that the premium is better than what I received.  This same thing can happen with other trades as well. I may close too early or too late. There is no perfect method of investing and my trades are not perfect and, even if they were, I cannot get the information to you fast enough for you to be able to duplicate the trades. So real-time trading is not the focus of The focus is on education, knowledge and mentoring to learn to be a better independent investor.

As explained on the join page, the purpose of the Members site is for hands-on studying of investing strategies and topics. The members section is for those investors interested in sharpening their investing skills and knowledge by delving deeper into investing with option and stock strategies. These in-depth studies of strategies include learning about adjustments and alterations for different market environments. The members section also provides access to my ongoing trades without advertisements or page size constrictions, and it allows for more detailed explanations so investors can “follow along”, learn, and engage in questions and answers so they can review, design, and implement their own strategies.

My day to day investing is my priority. I post trades to the website as soon as possible but never in real-time. The time involved in making a trade and then writing about that trade makes real-time posts impossible. The best means to stay up to date on my trades is my twitter account which you can join here. However, even with Twitter, I can be late at getting the trade alerts posted because with options even a few minutes can change option pricing. Twitter can also be down or delayed at times, so it not 100% dependable on for real-time information. Stocks can change before I even get to Twitter. You can also sign up for email updates in the top right hand column on this page. Email is sent once or twice daily but mail servers can delay email delivery from minutes to hours.

The members section’s purpose is for interested investors to follow different trades, study articles about the strategies being used and learn how to make their own decisions on everything from stock selection to entry points and exit points. is designed for those who want to learn new strategies, see them implemented and watch the outcomes. Members can then ask questions about everything from the strategies and my trades to their own trades and the implementation of investing in general.

Years ago I had software that provided real-time charting which members could follow and also I tried a private members only trading twitter feed. What I found was members were just trying to duplicate the trades and not actually learning.  Members also complained that there was still a time lag from when they saw my entry to when they made their own entry. Often this time lag was their own hesitation which is common. For the SPY ETF trades in particular this often meant they missed the entry and exit by a minute or sometimes a bit longer, if they delayed even slightly. Many investors tend to be “skittish” when it comes to their own capital, so even if they see my entry, often they hesitate, or if the trade goes the wrong way after entering, many jump out taking losses rather than learning when it is best to stay in and work the trade back to a profit.

For many investors, when they enter a trade they are already counting their profits which often leads to mistakes and losses. That’s not how to invest. Investing and trading are not simply copying what is being done without learning. It takes experience and patience. I found “real-time” for investors meant they basically just tried to duplicate what I was doing but not learning the mechanics to become better investors.

Therefore I take the approach of the proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

With that being the focus I am able to teach other investors what I know and have learned. I have time to answer emails and questions, tutor, develop more investing tools like the put selling tool, best bets tool, etc. I have time to test out new strategies, discuss and post strategies and show how those strategies can be used to grow a portfolio while also learning how to protect capital being risked all with real examples.

The response from members has been overwhelming positive and many investors have been with me for well over 10 years because of this tutoring style.

I thought this post from my Yahoo Options Forum years ago, outlines perfectly the purpose of

Teddi is a breath of fresh air over the other “learn & earn” sites.  She diligently describes her rational for her trades and shares, in depth, her plans for managing her trades.  Subscription sites probably have a place for some investors, but over the years my largest return from any of them has been high disappointment. The “teach the person to fish” model works very well here.  I’m holding onto the pole I’m using.
Name: Mel (Yahoo Options Forum) June 2 2014 

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