McDonalds Stock (MCD) – Here’s Why You May Want To Consider The Golden Arches – April 1 2016

McDonalds Stock (MCD) needs no introduction. It is the giant in the fast food industry that all other contenders are measured against. McDonald’s Corp has reinvested itself more times than most analysts can even recall. When I was younger I traveled much of the world from Australia to Asia to Europe to the Caribbean and whenever I needed to be reminded of home, I stopped at the Golden Arches to have a snack and a drink. It has always amazed me how often the food tasted the same as back home, no matter what country I was visiting.

Analysts have written off McDonald’s Corp more times than I can remember. They have also written the stock off, so many times I have 3 trade journals covering the last 40 years of trades in McDonalds stock as the stock kept defying analysts. The most recent write-off was in August of last year when the stock fell below $100. Prior to that it was in November 2012 when analysts declared that McDonalds, which had fallen below $90, would not recover $100 “for decades, if not longer” as one analyst wrote.

McDonalds Stock -Resilient

Through all the downgrades, McDonalds Stock has beaten them all and it has turned out that every downgrade was another chance to pick up shares for yet another advance….. the remainder of this trade alert and strategy discussion is for members.

McDonalds Stock Trade Alert for April 1 2016

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