Lack Of Follow Through Spreads Weakness – Morning Investing Strategy Notes for Oct 6 2014

For FullyInformed USA Members here are my morning investing strategy notes for October 6 2014. The outlook for today was for a weak morning but a slightly positive close on the day. Technically, that was the outlook and it looks like it will be played out that way. It would naturally have been better to see the market push higher and retain higher holdings to prove the rally from last Friday and confirm the reversal day of last Thursday. So even though technically, the chance of that happening was not great, it would still have been nice to see. Instead what we are seeing is the same lack of conviction among investors who with the SPX down just about 2.1% from its all-time high, worry they are buying at the wrong time, especially as stocks head into quarterly earnings with Alcoa kicking them off unofficially on Wednesday.

Here are my investing strategy notes to 11:00 AM as I look at market direction, Nike Stock, Alcoa Stock and what I am expecting during the day.

Morning Investing Strategy Notes For Oct 6 2014

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