Getting The Most Out Of When Retiring – Investor Questions – July 16 2018

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On average I receive anywhere from 50 to 100 emails daily from investors. Many are simple trade questions but others require a bit more in the way of comments.

Among the questions received is this interesting question from an investor who originally was worried how to follow my trades with a twitter account. At the outset, I emailed the investor and told him not to be concerned about getting immediate tweets and acting promptly on them. I asked for some background information before I could put together some further ideas on how to get investment value out of his subscription to

Let’s first review his email reply which I have slightly edited to remove personal details, and then look at some answers.

Investor Questions:

Hi Teddi;

Your email reply was a great relief. Thanks.
Here is some information about me that you have requested.
Age: 66.
I have just retired.

My Goal: investment, but I would like to day-trade one or two days a week. Day trading is a hobby but main income would be from Spread trades and covered calls.

Educations and experience: I have been through formal education in options. I have traded most option strategies over past 5 years. That said, I am still hungry for more info/methodology on trading and trade setups. The idea is to keep it simple. I like the idea of setting up the Spreads and set the 50% profit target. I have learned an expensive lesson that even these trades need to be monitored and I can’t just place the trade and forget about it.

I love this business and it is my pleasure to spend time in front of the computer.  That said, i don’t want to be slave to it, even though i have all the time in the world.

Ideally, I would like to spend few hours each day to review the open trades, start or close the trades, plus two full days day trading.  Few years ago, I traded ES in a trading room but very unsuccessfully.

Capital available: As you have $10K for day trading, I can do the same (THESE ARE MY SPY ETF TRADES HE IS REFERRING TO). Main portfolio that I could start with is $100K, but that’s flexible as I can increase many folds if necessary.

I hope that I have painted a full picture of myself and my experience together with my expectations.  Please let me know if you need any further information.

Finally, many thanks in advance for your help. My time frame is one year to be become self sufficient in trading. The reason for setting this time limit is that I don’t need income from this portfolio during this year, but then I shall need income and withdrawals at regular intervals.


Some Answers:

This strategy article looks at how to use to augment income earned from a retirement pension.

  This strategy article is lengthy at 2250 words in length and requires 6 pages if printed. It is for FullyInformed members.

Getting The Most Out Of When Retiring – Investor Questions – July 16 2018

Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. Trade at your own risk. Please read the full disclaimer.