Every day I receive emails from readers wondering if I could help them learn how to use market timing technical indicators to assist their financial investment. There are market timing indicators available for every kind of financial investment from stocks to bonds to commodities to currency (forex).

I use a wide variety of market timing indicators for each financial investment I hold. I was introduced to market timing indicators back in the mid 1970’s and there have been many more indicators developed since then.

I use market timing indicators to assist in my financial investment portfolios for both profit and protection. Almost every day on my site I discuss market timing indicators like the  Ultimate Oscillator, MACD (Moving Average Convergence / Divergence), Rate of Change, Slow Stochastic, RSI, moving averages, weighted moving averages,  McClellan Oscillator, Candlesticks, to mention just a few.

Financial Investment Market Timing Indicators

I have used market timing indicators since the mid-1970's. Today there are dozens of new market timing indicators to assist with every type of financial investment

There are literally dozens more including moving averages which is another favorite of mine. The 10 – 20 -30 day moving average is a great market timing indicator which can be used for everything from stocks to forex. This moving averages strategy is mentioned many times on my website and there are a number of articles dealing with it. This financial investment link will take you to an excellent overview of how to use the 10-20-30 moving averages strategy on stocks.

Market timing indicators have been widely used by many investors to assist in building their financial investment portfolios for decades. Since daily I get requests for assistance I thought I would try to answer all these emails in one post.

There are 4 primary steps that any investor, novice or advanced needs to use to become efficient at adding market timing indicators to their financial investment portfolio. I have broken this article into four parts to make it easier to follow along.

Financial Investment and Market Timing Indicators Step 1

The first step for anyone interested in considering market timing indicators is to simply read about the numerous market timing indicators that are available and in use.

There are hundreds of books and websites that are devoted to discussing market timing technical indicators that an investor can use to benefit their financial investment. It does not matter whether an investor is doing equities, commodities, bonds or forex. There are market timing indicators for every type of financial investment.

The first step is to find out about as many as you can. To accomplish this, consider the internet as an endless free source of knowledge. For example try this financial investment link to learn what is market timing and start your journey.

Financial Investment Market Timing Indicators

To assist any financial investment consider searching the internet for a wide variety of articles dealing with Market Timing Technical Indicators

You can also be more specific. For example this financial investment link will take you to an article about market timing in general.

This financial investment link will take you to an article about the Ultimate Oscillator.

This financial investment link will take you to an article about Moving Average Convergence / Divergence indicator or MACD.

It is very easy to get information about every single market timing indicator currently being used for a financial investment, simply by searching the internet.

It Is Pointless To Use Every Indicator For A Financial Investment

To assist your financial investment it would be pointless to use every market timing indicator and it is not needed in order to successfully trade within stocks. There are dozens of strategies being implemented by investors based on varying market timing indicators.

You want to make sure when reading about a specific market timing indicator, that you understand how to use it. If you find the theory or concept behind it confusing then move on to another market timing indicator, because there are dozens that cover the same theory. Momentum indicators for example have a half dozen market timing indicators available, so you want to pick the one you understand the best.


Make Sure You Understand The Indicator’s Concept

Once an investor takes the time to read the history and understand the concept of various market timing technical indicators, an investor can then figure out which market timing technical indicator, interests him most, is clearly understood by the investor  and compliments his financial investment.

Part 2 in this financial investment article looks at step 2 on how to decide which market timing technical indicators to use.

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