Just a short post to indicate that two new articles on the Trading for Pennies Strategy have been posted to the members section. Both of these are in response to readers who are working with the strategy and sent me charts with questions about entry and avoiding losses.

Article 1:

Trading For Pennies Strategy Analyzing Charts From Members

In the first article the investor asks why he cannot seem to get more winning trades. Right now his losing trades outweigh his winning trades. He is using Think Or Swim for his charting. Could that be the problem?

Article 2:

Avoiding Wrong Entry Points and Pinpointing When To Enter and When To Stay On The Sidelines

In the second article a member sent in 4 charts. Two were excellent trades and he wonders about how to duplicate these two trades more often. These two trades would have netted significant returns and obviously investors would like to know how to get more of these types of trades. His other two charts gave mixed signals which could have seen losses and he wonders how to avoid those types of signals. This article is over 2500 words in length so you may want a coffee when reading it.