Clorox Stock – Trade Alert and Trade Ideas for June 10 2014

I have been trading Clorox Stock since the crash ended in early 2009. The stock has doubled since then recovering all its losses and setting all new highs. Last December it reached an intraday high of $96.76 before pulling back. It has not reached that high since but the trading pattern continues to show strength. Analysts who follow the stock are split on where it may be headed. 1 has a sell rating, 4 have under perform which is the same as sell, 8 have hold ratings and 3 have a strong buy rating. Clorox stock is another name widely held by pension funds and institutional investors. This is because of the strength of the stock. Larger dips are bought quickly by these larger investors. Two such dips were Feb 5 when the stock reached $83.70 and May 6 when it was down to $86.56. Both of these were buying opportunities.

Yesterday there was a lot of talk about whether Clorox was a target for a merger or acquisition. Clorox is not as big a company as many investors think. Market Cap is just $11.9 billion and revenue comes in an $5.6 billion. There are 128.6 million shares outstanding and only 8400 employees. The annual dividend at present is $2.96.

There are many companies that could consider buying out Clorox including the giant Procter and Gamble. PG could easily pick up this company and easily merge it into its product line. Other potential buyers could include Kraft, Unilever and Colgate.

For my needs it does not matter if they are the target of acquisition or simply rumor. Here are the trades I entered into today and the outlook for the stock.

Trade Alert and Trade Ideas for Clorox Stock

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