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Feb 19, 2013 | Clorox Stock (CLX)

Clorox Stock Symbol – CLX

Clorox Stock has been one of my favorite stocks for many years. This is the full index of all trades I have done and articles I have written dealing with Clorox Stock. The purpose of having an index page for each stock I trade is to assist readers is understanding the trading strategy being employed, its outcome and how it is implemented. Investors should not focus on trying to duplicate my trades as these trades are often posted after they have occurred. Consider reading How I Treat My Investing Like A Business to understand how I approach investing.

By following the Clorox Stock trades and reading through the article I hope other investors can understand how different strategies can be employed to assist investments.

I keep this type of sheet in my own trading journal as it helps me at a moment’s glance to understand how the stock is performing, the earnings of the company, dividend increases and past trades. It also allows me to reflect on the overall goal of the investment in Clorox Stock and the strategy being employed as well as its effectiveness at meeting the overall goal. By taking a moment to reflect on my trade I can often alter the strategy or tweak it slightly to improve the performance.

A trading journal assists in looking back to determine why a trade was profitable and allows studying of trades that ended with a loss or certainly not the outcome I had expected. Through studying those trades I can improve on future trades which leads to consistency of income and profit.

Clorox Stock Trading Journal Summary

Trading JournalStatisticsAll Figures In US DollarsMillions 
Select To ViewYearEarnings / Net Income
Billions / Millions
Debt To
20074.85 / 501$1.4241.5x15.7x1.25127.597.5%10.15%
20085.27 / 461$1.7237.8x15.7x1.55133.5101.5%9.5%
2009 Clorox Stock Trades20095.45 / 537$1.9238.1x15.5x1.8139.557.7%12.1%
2010 Clorox Stock Trades20105.53 / 603$2.1054.1x17.5x2.00139.589.8%12.3%
2011 Clorox Stock Trades20115.23 / 557$2.3056.8x16.7x-1.53129.5103.44%10.26%
2012 Clorox Stock Trades20125.47 / 543 $2.52 59.0X 18.6X -1.04 130.5100.67%9.93%
2013 Clorox Stock Trades2013

Clorox Stock (CLX Stock) Goal and Strategy Employed

Clorox Stock 2007 – 2009

In 2007 I was engaged in put selling against Clorox Stock. In 2008 I ended up being assigned shares in Clorox stock at various strikes from about $52.50 to $47.50. In 2009 I was exercised out of those shares and went back to put selling, which was the original strategy.

The goal  was to sell puts until assigned shares. Then I would sell covered calls until exercised. The plan for covered calls was to sell the covered calls beyond the next dividend payment in an attempt to capture both the call option premium and the dividend before being exercised out.The overall goal was to not own shares for any lengthy period of time but to grow the capital that was being invested.

Clorox Stock 2010 – 2013

In 2010 the debt to capital ratio for Clorox Stock has increased and in 2011 that increase continued. Book value is negative for the stock by the close of 2012. The dividend payout ratio is 59.0 x and earnings did not warrant another dividend increase of the magnitude which Clorox board of directors approved.

The strategy will focus more on put selling with limited interest in owning the stock at these levels. Should income improve for Clorox, owning Clorox stock could become of interest again.

Clorox Stock Articles

To understand the strategies I use and how they are applied for profitable trading browse the articles below dealing with Clorox Stock. To read any of the articles select the title. The newest articles are on the top.

Timing When To End Put Selling In The Money Puts

Feb 19 2013 – This article looks at the reasons for ending Put Selling In The Money puts and returning to selling out of the money puts against a stock that still appears to still be in an uptrend.

Put Selling Against A New Trading Range

Feb 2 2013 – Stocks set new trading ranges all the time. The key is spotting the new range and taking advantage of it by Put Selling it as it gets established for bigger profits before the trading range is fully set which reduces volatility and with it, put premiums.

Selling In The Money Put Options For Income

Feb 2 2013 – A lengthy strategy article looking at the methods of put selling in the money puts against Clorox Stock as it rises and having in place rescue strategies in advance of placing the trade to be prepared for the trade turning down.

Clorox Stock Trades for 2013

These are the trades done in 2013.

Profiting With The Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade in Clorox Stock (Members Only)

Nov 25 2012 – An extended strategy article for Members Only that studies Clorox Stock and the use of the Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade to generate terrific profits while controlling losses. This members only article is more in-depth than the article below.

The Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade and Clorox Stock

Nov 25 2012 – This article studies Clorox Stock and the use of the Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade to profit from swings in the stock over a period of days or weeks. This excellent strategy continues to provide strong returns which boosts the gains made by Put Selling Clorox Stock.

Clorox Stock Raises Dividend But Stock Is Overvalued

Oct 20 2012 – How can you tell when a stock is overvalued? This article presents Clorox Stock and how to tell when a stock such as Clorox is overvalued despite a dividend increase.

Using Relative Strength Technical Indicator to Trade Within Clorox Stock

Sept 25 2012 – This article presents the strategy of combining the Relative Strength Technical Indicator or RSI with the Ultimate Oscillator to build an excellent timing tool for entring trades and exiting them profitably.

Put Selling The Weakness in Clorox Stock

Sept 18 2012 – This article continues with the theme of the Sept 14 article as Clorox Stock continues to decline offering excellent Put Selling opportunities.

Put Selling Against Clorox Stock

Sep 14 2012 – This article studies how Put Selling opportunities can easily be taken in stocks such as Clorox Stock but it is important to act when the trade develops.

Using Ultimate Oscillator and Relative Strength Index (RSI) To Profit From Clorox Stock (Members Only)

Sep 11 2012 – This article looks at using two technical indicators, the Relative Strength Index and Ultimate Oscillator to time trading within Clorox Stock for exceptional profits and very good protection against losses.

Clorox Stock Trades For 2012

This is a listing of all the trades done in 2012 within Clorox Stock.

Investor Fear Creates Opportunity In Clorox Stock

August 19 2011 – In this article I discuss the importance of leaving emotion out of a trade and the value of having clear goals. As investors worried they pushed Clorox stock too low and increased the volatility in the stock creating a terrific put selling opportunity at put premiums that are unrealistically high for the current stock environment.

Clorox Stock – Carl Ichan Believes Stock Undervalued

Feb 11 2011 – In this article I look at the valuation placed on Clorox Stock by Carl Ichan’s bid to push the board of directors to sell Clorox. Is Ichan correct or is Clorox Stock fully valued.

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