Clorox Stock – How History Can Assist Investing Decisions

Investor concern over the Clorox restructuring endeavor coupled with today’s investor anxiousness over the debt ceiling mess is pressuring Clorox Stock further and has pushed the $80 put strike up to over 1% for October 19 options expiry.

In my most recent article on Clorox Stock I discussed institutional Investors support in the stock. When a stock falls such as Clorox Stock at present, investors find it difficult to sell puts. They worry that the downturn may be “different” this time and the stock may fall further than they expect. As well investors think that perhaps the next day the stock will be even lower and they will get better put premiums for selling the puts.

The history of a stock is an easy tool to use that can provide a lot of comfort to investors who are selling puts as well as trading within the stock itself. This article looks at some simple techniques investors can use on stocks like Clorox Stock to assist in their investing decision-making.

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