Clorox Stock (CLX) Double Trade Alert and Strategy – April 1 2014

Clorox Stock has remained under pressure and primarily has traded sideways following their disappointing earnings last quarter.

In my investing strategy notes this morning I wrote about 17 different stocks that I am considering or have offers in for positions. I believe April should set up the markets for a push higher but I will be watching closely for any signs that the sideways action to stocks will return. If it does, then positions will have to be adjusted.

This morning Clorox Stock dipped and I got the fills I have been seeking on the stock.

Clorox Stock Chart

The daily chart below shows the past three months. Clorox took a dip in late January on disappointment on the earnings outlook for the company going forward. This has set up three put strike levels for continuous Put Selling until either the trade has to be ended because the stock finally breaks long-term support, or because the stock moves higher and all the puts have no value worth selling against.

Clorox Stock Double Trade Alert and Strategy -April 1 2014

This trade alert article discusses the strategy I will be using for the next several months as we head into what I think will be more volatile summer months. The higher volatility means I will be earning better put option premiums. To read the Clorox Stock trade alert and my strategy details, FullyInformed Members can can login directly through this link or Members can sign in to the full members site here. Non-members can join here.

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