The reason Barrick Gold stock is not the easiest stock to sell options against is because it is a commodity stock. What’s even more difficult is the commodity is gold. Unlike a commodity such as oil, livestock, corn, wheat or lumber which does have some clues as to what the future pricing might hold, (weather, housing demand, number of farms, barrels in storage, oil output, etc), gold is almost an entity unto itself. No one can predict with any real degree of certainty how gold will perform. This is why so many “smart investors” can lose big with gold just like the small investor. So on my forum when this question on rolling ABX Stock covered calls was asked, I thought it was worth an article to explain 4 rolling covered calls strategies that could be considered by any investor.


I have been trading myself out of my 2K shares of ABX @ 29. for so many months, I honestly don’t even know if I am yet even or even ahead! My question is this: While I have several months of open puts at the 16 and 15 strikes, I also sold 20 Covered Calls at @ the 21. strike.  Soooo, if it were your position, would you close the calls, or wait until closer to Nov. 16 to see what happens to gold?

Barrick Gold Stock Covered Calls Strategy

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