234% Return In Tesla Stock (TSLA) Trade from Sep 25 2019

Tesla Stock (TSLA)

The last trade in Tesla Stock was on September 25. I closed out the final position today which ended this trade with a gain of 234%.

While other investors like to try to short the stock and others trade it and still others buy and pray it works, I have found my strategy each month continues to generate significant returns with, what I think, is less risk to my portfolio.

Here are the ending trades done in the September 25 trade as I prepare to open a new trade today in Tesla Stock.

This is a high risk trade and could easily result in losses. This style of investing is not for every investor. Those who like a high degree of comfort may find the trade difficult to hold. For investors new to this type of strategy, paper trading is suggested, as it protects capital from loss and allows an investor to learn a new strategy.

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234% Return In Tesla Stock (TSLA) Trade from Sep 25 2019

Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. Trade at your own risk.