Trade Alert – Staying Cautious With Nucor Stock (NUE) – Oct 5 2015

The decline in Nucor stock has taken the stock back to levels not seen since 2012. The decline in the stock has been ongoing since September of 2014 when it hit a peak of $58.76. Since then then stock has been in a decline with rallies along the way but continual drops that keep setting the stock up for further drops. The most recent drop is what has brought the stock down to 2012 valuations. The company is expected to report a drop of over a billion dollars in quarterly revenue when it reports earnings on Oct 21. Staying cautious when trading Nucor Stock is paramount to protect capital from losses. The option premiums are such that they now offer excellent protection as well as profits since the volatility is so high in the stock presently.

Nucor Stock is trading at levels seen in 2012

Nucor Stock is trading at levels seen in 2012

With all open trades in Nucor stock now ended, this is my next trade into the stock. This trade can easily be duplicated and I imagine profits will stay stable leading into the earnings announcements allowing for time to set up trades for optimum results……the rest of this article is for USA Members.

Nucor Stock Trade Alert for Oct 5 2015

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