Trade Alert – Johnson and Johnson Stock – Puts Sold

The selling this morning pushed down Johnson and Johnson Stock to $68.10 and I sold the October 20 naked puts at $67.50 for 36 cents. This is a two week trade and I did 10 naked puts. I expect the stock could be under pressure further and I will roll these from October into November if need be.

  • Dave

    Great catch at the very highest price of the day…not bad! I do not think that my broker would have made that fill for me, Teddi. Isee it pulling back again but this JNJ is one heck of a big green long! Nice work, and I will try to catch this one for OCT or Roll if I get filled on a further pullback….all I see are longs here, Teddi.

  • Just put your price in and see what happens. I saw some go through for .33 and I thought I would take a few cents more. Volatility in the stock was enough to push it. At one point there were bidding .38 but only for a few minutes.
    Not sure about the longs. JNJ has not had a stellar year earnings and performance wise. This is why every time it gets over $69.00 I wait. It is not worth anything above $68.50 in my opinion. Thanks for your comments Dave