Trade Alert – Building A Position In Mondelez Stock – Dec 4 2015

One stock that I have enjoyed strong gains in this year is Mondelez International Stock. The brands they own are astounding both in the clear brand names, consumer sales power and global reach. These are the types of companies that I prefer to be in. With revenue of $31.1 billion, 104,000 employees, book value of $16.68, cash flow of $5.73 and earnings of $5.20 this company trades at a very low 8.2 times price to earnings and 7.1 times price to cash flow. The annual dividend is just 68 cents with a payout ratio of 11.85%. In other words the dividend is incredibly safe and can be increased annually.

Their brands are in every grocery, department store, convenience store, truck stop, vending machine and even on and dozens of other online sites from to

These are the types of stocks that will not destroy my portfolio and if followed and traded with the proper strategy, the income generated can be enormous. What’s even better is I don’t have to chase these stocks. The trades literally fall in place as this one did today.

Today’s trade is the start of a larger position in Mondelez International Stock.

Mondelez Stock 10 Year Chart

Here is the 10 year chart of Mondelez International Stock. In 2009 the low was around $13.62. I bought shares in 2010 paying $18.90 after an investor friend from France told me I should be considering the stock and sent me information about the company.

Mondelez Stock 10 year chart

Mondelez Stock 10 year chart

Mondelez Stock Trade Alert and Strategy Discussion

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